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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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How to save money fast for your trading goal? Good question! The fastest way to save money is to recognise what is utilising the largest part of your budget and reducing it. Simply analysing your bank statement can lead you to discover vast amounts of money that are not going to good use. Other times, reflection can lead you to realise that even expenses that you are fully aware of are serving you no good and can be cancelled without the slightest hesitation.

This could include unused TV subscriptions, music streaming packages, express delivery services, and so on So much of saving is about determination to make it happen. One of the quickest methods for how to save up money is to sell things that you no longer want or need. This could be anything from your old DVD collection, books, or anything laying around the house that has value. One person's trash is another person's treasure and even though something may seem useless to you or too big of a worry to deal with, others may disagree.

Do you have these 10 traits needed to be a funded trader? Any analysis of your financial status can bring about serious questions about your innermost desires and tendencies. Perhaps you own a car or a house that is vastly impractical for your income. No one can tell you how to handle your finances, but your long-term financial goals should be balanced with your short-term expenses. Often, your largest expense will be your housing, which will be a more or less fixed cost.

However, if you are dedicated enough to freeing up funds for your trading, you could move in order to free up more funds. Going down the list of your expenses will often reveal several moderately large expenses that, when combined, form a large chunk of your income. The difficulty in resolving these demands on your income will vary, but the strength of your determination to obtain the funds will cause you to consider your options and result in a prudent and practical decision.

You can do this! Stay tuned for more in the Make It Happen series for practical tips on learning forex as a total beginner and getting your head in the trading game Tags: Make It Happen. Practical Steps to Save Money for Your Forex Goal Audit yourself When you are wanting to change your financial destination, the first step is understanding where you currently are.

Cut down on expenses that don't serve you Simply analysing your bank statement can lead you to discover vast amounts of money that are not going to good use. Join our email list and discover more about Blufx. Recent Popular Categories. Note: Low and High figures are for the trading day.

Setting trading goals can be a useful endeavor to help you navigate the markets, but some goals are more useful to set than others. He discusses why making money may not be the be all-end all, the danger of meaningless goals in a cyclical market, and how to use goals to refine discipline and consistency. It is important to set trading goals for two main reasons — to help you stick to your trading plan and to allow you to trade more consistently.

For those new to trading, this will mean setting a process-orientated goal rather than one focused on outcomes. For example, goals based on following strict risk management and sound technical analysis , and even a daily routine involving exercise and a balanced diet, will encourage more consistent trading. By contrast, setting a monetary goal is not a useful trading goal.

Protecting the trading capital you have is more valuable than setting arbitrary financial targets, since traders have no control over the timing of favorable market conditions. Other common goals which are hollow are those that are not specific enough or cannot be easily measured. How exactly do you achieve or measure those? Overarching goals such as these are better broken down into smaller, more process oriented goals that are more achievable.

As opposed to outcome-oriented goals, process-oriented goals can be useful to help you follow your trading plan. Creating goals that support your plan can help keep you focus on the details that lead to good trades. It could be any number of criteria depending on your trading style, but the point is to bring attention to doing the right thing according to your plan.

If you follow your rules, then regardless of the outcome — win or lose — it was a successful trade. Keep in mind, poor behavior which leads to a profitable outcome is negative reinforcement, and conversely the same can be said about good behavior being positive reinforcement. You want to make sure you are focused on the latter. Goal tracking and measuring your progress are key to ensure your strategy is working and to keep you accountable.

One powerful way to make sure you are trading in accordance with your plan, is to use a trading checklist and a trading journal. This not only keeps you focused on making proper trades, but also highlights your weakness, areas you need to work on. Those areas you need to be worked on can become new goals on which to focus.

For example, maybe you are having difficulty with sticking to your stop-loss or target objectives. This often stems from too aggressive of a position size. One idea is to create a scorecard for each trade, where you allot a certain number of points per facet of the trade and run a tally to see how effectively you are sticking to the plan.

This will highlight areas of weakness and provide clarity on what you need to work on. In summary, process-oriented goals will be more effective than outcome-oriented goals. Setting such goals can help put you in the right mindset to trade to the best of your ability, rather than setting a monetary goal for example, which would only serve to pressure you into trading too often, or trading recklessly. Highlighting process over outcome gives you the best chance for financial success in the long-term.

You should always have a trading plan that covers how you will enter and exit trades , how your money will be managed, the markets traded, and your risk parameters. And keep it simple. For example, selecting a few effective trading indicators rather than trying to apply all of them will result in better focus. Simplifying your technical analysis approach can cut out a lot of noise and contribute to becoming a better trader.

Having trading goals that compliment a solid strategy will help you build confidence in your trading. Download our free guide for more information about how to build confidence in your trading , and be sure to check out our range of additional guides to help you in your trading journey, whatever your skill level.

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets. Leveraged trading in foreign currency or off-exchange products on margin carries significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

We advise you to carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you based on your personal circumstances. Forex trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

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You approach it like a job, get your regular withdrawals out like a salary, and lead a life that depends on your skill level. Trading Forex full-time has its cons and pros. Following profitable signals — you just find a successful signal provider and follow them until they stop being profitable or disappear, and then you find the new ones, and so on.

Of course, it looks like a strange idea of a success, but it seems to be popular among Forex novices. Obviously, it requires the ability to find good signals constantly, which is quite tricky in and of itself. Investing in a personal trader — some people do not like the idea of trading themselves, they prefer investing. Finding a successful trader who accepts capital under management and investing with him or her can be attained in a number of ways. Nowadays, PAMM accounts are all the rage.

However, if the sum of money is large enough, it is probably worth finding a great trader personally and signing an individual contract with them. Similar to relying on signals, this sort of success is prone to external shocks trader or signals service retirement.

Investing in a fund — finding a reputable FX trading fund is not that hard, but living off its profits would require a significant size of investment. Working for a prop trading shop — proprietary trading is a dream of many traders who believe that they have enough skills but lack enough capital to work with. Getting a desk at a Forex prop shop can provide a talented trader with enough money, necessary risk restraints, and perhaps even some worthwhile tools and analytical information.

It can be considered a full-time job with the reward that you get depending on your ability to trade profitably. Just a small part-time side income — trading Forex part-time is the reality of many successful traders. After all, trading is a game of probabilities, and there is always a risk of loss.

Having some backup income in addition to the speculative earnings relieves from destructive pressure to over-trade and over-risk. Yes, a lavish lifestyle seen in advertisements is probably less attainable this way, but this approach is definitely less dangerous to your solvency.

Taking a few trades a year to earn some additional income — being knowledgeable in some exotic pairs or being able to predict important macroeconomic indicators for the majors can lead to quality long-term trading opportunities.

It would be nearly impossible to generate a significant share of income this way, but nonetheless, such infrequent trading may form an important part of personal success. Managing fully automatic expert advisors robots — although it may look like an activity similar to following Forex signals, in reality, it is a complex task. The buying and selling mindset should minimize loss and try to be consistent to earn a profit regularly.

Also, do not take too much leverage or debt, as over-trade or over-leverage are risky and can give outcomes in the opposite direction. So, a good starting point can be to turn into a part-time trader first, and try to earn more than your full-time job income. If you manage money in some prop trading company, you can earn 10 to 20 times more money than the individual retail traders. Set forex goal, to work as prop trader one day! Whether you are a novice or a pro trader, you need to intend to place your center of attention on the technique of buying and selling and turning into a better trader by learning various techniques and tools like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, etc.

You can try to beat other traders. That can be your added advantage. A dealer should focus on trading and not solely on income and rewards. Another sensible step you ought to take is to continue to observe the market and take notes of when and how it changes so that you can get high-probability results.

The foremost fact remains that most traders lose cash because they over-trade; they are definitely in the market too much. Losing trades make them emotional, and in that state, they take more wrong trades, resulting in a disaster. It takes self-discipline and endurance to exit the market at the right time even if you are making a loss, as just like profits, losses multiply, too.

A football player loves the game, has taken training for the same, and has practiced the game for years, just like that to fulfill all the forex trading goals, a trader has to dedicate his or herself to it. Be truthful with yourself and love what you do! If you are a full-time trader, you would know that to achieve focus and productivity, a good workspace and, in this case, a good trading desk setup plays a vital role.

Every trader has a unique sense of styling, from creative to monochrome; you can choose what suits you the best. You can match your home trading desk setup with your favorite theme or even working style. In this article, we have got you covered with some amazing tips to manage your trading desk setup. One of the common traits of traders is to have more than one monitor, and there is nothing as too many of them as a trader.

It is essential to have a glance over multiple tickers and take trading decisions rapidly. However, some traders trade using their laptop or desktop, considering that nothing can beat simplicity. So, choose what suits you. Losing a trade due to poor internet is the last thing a trader would want to lose a trade.

Using a wired Ethernet link works well, but using wireless equipment is getting more demand and reliable. If you have a home trading desk setup, you should have a separate room or space for your trading to avoid getting disturbed by your family members. You should decide a particular time for your trading and convey the same to your family members. Also, please do not use your mobiles or other devices while trading, as it can lead to a lack of focus. Well, apart from the trading desk, the chair you sit on is equally important.

If you are not comfortable, you would not be able to pay enough attention.

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In this article, we highlight the importance of setting trading goals as part of your strategy and show how you could achieve these when placing your trades. Goals are crucial in getting success in anything, and in that, currency trading is included. However, forex goals can be problematic because human beings. The purpose of a goal is not only for you to achieve it; it should breed motivation, learning, and confidence. By setting goals and striving to.