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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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To calculate earnings per share, you take the net profit and divide it by the number of outstanding shares. Typically, earnings per share calculations use annual or quarterly earnings. This would rule the company out as an investment option. Current quarterly earnings are included as a CANSLIM criterion because current quarterly earnings growth can provide valuable information about a company. Specifically, earnings per share is useful for gaining insights into the profitability of a company.

A company with high earnings per share growth means that the company is both profitable and fast-growing. This means that over the previous three years, every year saw annual earnings growth. The annual earnings requirement seeks to find high-growth stocks that not only have strong earnings but that are using those earnings well. A company may have a period of short-term success and see a few years of increased profits, but if the company is not intelligently reinvesting its earnings, then this growth is unlikely to last.

Though there is no way to guarantee a company will use its money well, looking at the Return on Equity ROE can help you get a general sense. Looking at both annual earnings growth and ROE allows you to see if a company has been profitable over the last few years AND whether or not that growth has benefited shareholders. New may mean a few different things, which is arguably the criterion open to the most interpretation.

The most obvious example of something new is a new line or product, but this is not the only option. A new company or a company with new management may also meet the new requirement. Every company is always changing and evolving in some way.

The theory of supply and demand is one of the fundamental components of finance and economics. At its most basic level, the theory states that when there is more demand than supply, prices increase, and when there is more demand than supply, prices decrease. In the context of stocks, supply and demand refer to the desire to purchase a stock related to stock shares available. The goal is to get into these future big movers before the institutional demand picks up, making these stocks rocket due to the already constrained supply.

There is academic evidence that suggests there is an illiquidity premium. A stock buyback happens when a company purchases shares back from shareholders. When a stock buyback occurs, there are fewer shares available to traders, which automatically means less supply. As you can imagine, as a general rule, a recent stock buyback is likely to have a positive impact on supply and demand criteria.

Still, like any indicator, it is not a guarantee about the state of a company. A stock buyback typically makes a company look good. Companies know this, and therefore a company can conduct a stock buyback to obfuscate its poor shape. In summary, the law of supply and demand is to your advantage. For example, even reasonably high returns may still leave a stock lagging behind others in its industry when the market performs well. Every stock is assigned a rating from 1 to Only at this level did he view a stock as a true leader.

It takes big money to push stocks up big. Institutional investor sponsorship could include mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, or other institutional investors. Institutional investors have more expertise and resources than retail investors.

Investment from an institutional investor bodes well for a company since it is essentially a vote of confidence in that company from someone that has a good chance of knowing what they are doing at least more so than the average retail investor. CANSLIM investors want to invest in a company before most institutions as institutional buying drives up stock prices. Furthermore, not all institutional sponsorship is considered equal. This is because though institutional investors have more experience and resources, those with better performance carry more weight.

For example, a mutual fund with good historical returns investing in a stock is viewed more favorably than a mutual fund with low historical returns investing in the same stock. Therefore, the institutional sponsorship requirement includes considering both the quantity and quality of its shareholders.

Funds received a letter grade based on their performance over the previous 36 weeks. For example, information technology stocks make up One is not inherently better than the other. Still, suppose tech stocks outperform other industries as they have done many times in the last few years.

While some opportunities may exist in any market environment, the CANSLIM method encourages waiting for opportunities with high levels of potential. If no great opportunities exist, it is better to wait than to make a trade that may cost you money. This goes double for bear markets when the market direction is down. Armed with the knowledge to pick the best stocks, the next step is to understand when to buy and sell them. Large institutions are not able to move in and out of stocks quickly, but retail investors can.

You may do NSE Academy Certified Technical Analysis course to enhance your understanding to analyze charts and other technical parameters to enhance your trading experience. CANSLIM is a simple yet very effective analyzing tool which combines value, growth, fundamental, and even technical analysis and provides solid guidelines thus keeping subjectivity to a minimum.

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That's why filtering stocks is one hell of a task. There are different methods of stock selection suggested by celebrated investors. CANSLIM is an investing strategy that uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to find out stocks that grow faster than the average. It is a bullish strategy for fast markets, which was introduced by the legendary investor and stockbroker William J. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of each criterion to know better about it.

To start with, first examine the quarterly earnings that a company reports and compare it with the same quarter of the previous year. EPS is basically earning per share. A company whose EPS increased substantially compared to the previous year's same quarter passes the criteria.

What can this substantial growth be? Done with step 1? Now it's time to check the annual earnings. Companies report their annual earnings at the end of the financial year. If a company's annual earnings are increasing for every consecutive year, that too for a period of 5 years, then the company is worth considering. Look at Apple Inc.. So, search for a company that continuously keeps on innovating.

The reality is that most of us would refrain from buying a stock that makes week high. Instead, we buy stocks trading between week highs and lows, giving us the comfort that we are exposed to lesser risk. But a stock that trades at an all-time high could be the one you should invest in.

Everything in the market works on supply and demand. Actually, that is why the market exists. If you compare a large-cap company and a small-cap one, the large-cap would generally have more shares outstanding; in other words, the supply of shares of a large-cap is more than a small-cap. So, on that grounds, it is better to invest in a small-cap company than a large-cap. The best prospect would be to find a small-cap company with higher promoter holding and lower debt to equity.

Always look for the stock of a company that is the market leader or is at least the second biggest player in that market. There are many other businesses that have a higher market share in their respective industry. Also, we can check for strong stocks in the industry by checking relative price strength.

Last year, we witnessed panic selling as the March lockdown was announced and the market bled red. But there were certain stocks which, if you had in your portfolio, you would have to bleed less. This indicates that TCS is stronger compared to the market as a whole.

Institutional sponsorship means any bigger player like mutual funds, corporate pension funds, insurance companies, charitable, and educational institutions. You may be wondering why is it necessary that any institution is involved? Large-cap stocks are typically dominated by institutions due to their high liquidity.

As the companies become smaller the amount of institutional ownership declines, both in the number of shares they own and in the number institutions which own the stock. Due to the large number of shares institutions need to buy, attracting new institutions to the stock provides a significant boost to the demand for the relatively limited amount shares available. When buying the stock, it is beneficial if there are already some institutions owning the stock, but not too many.

This is so that there is still plenty of room for new additional institutions to become stockholders and to do so they have to buy stock from the retail investors - this buying demand from the institutions is what pushes the stock price up. It is preferable if the number of institutions has been increasing over last couple of quarters.

New institutions that bought stock in the last quarter are not likely to sell in the next quarter, but will probably add to their position. It is even better if any new institutions are mutual funds with a good recent track record of performance. This is likely to attract the attention from other institutions that do not currently own the stock. Buying high priced growth stocks is a bull market strategy and will produce negative returns in bear markets.

Pullbacks in bull markets occur all the time and are generally not a major problem provided the correction is not excessive as the temporary decline is usually brief and the market starts to climb again. By waiting the investor can look for conformation that bull market will continue.

If there is no conformation, then it's likely that a bear market has developed. A resumption of the bull market occurs when a market rally trades above the relative high of the previous market rally. The CANSLIM strategy is a short-term investing strategy - it is generally not intended for long-term investing and is definitely not suited to buy and hold investing.

The fundamental analysis is purely to locate stocks that have a good reason to rally a short-term burst. The CANSLIM strategy looks for stocks making new highs and pulls back from that high to consolidate for several weeks to a month or more. An entry is taken once the stock breaks out to the upside from its consolidation pattern.

Pyramiding is a trading tactic Jesse Livermore is famous for and simply means taken a small position initially and if the stock price advances then additional positions are taken each at higher prices. Due to the high prices typically paid, it is essential that a stop-loss is implemented.

If the stock takes more than three weeks to reach then it should be sold at the profit target. These signs include:. Life for William O'Neil begins in Texas where he was raised. In he graduated from high school and then studied business at the Southern Methodist University in Texas where he received a bachelor's degree in In after a short period serving in the U. Inc, which has since been taken over. William O'Neil then founded his own brokerage firm in and was the youngest broker at that time to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.

His firm was the first to develop a computerized database of stocks which up until them had been recorded with pen and paper. The fund was based in Los Angeles. William O'Neil launched the Datagraphs charting service in which was a weekly chart service aimed at institutional investors. The charts were computer printed from the databases he maintained which included both fundamental data and technical data.

Daily Graphs was a subscription based services created by William O'Neil in for the retail investor. Daily Graphs was a printed book of stock charts which was delivered weekly to subscribers. In , William O'Neil opened the Stock Mart which was a do-it-yourself low commission discount brokerage firm which attracted nationwide clients.

The newspaper incorporated the financial information that was been recorded in the databases from his brokerage firm. The financial newspaper was aimed at competing directly with The Wall Street Journal. Daily Graphs was made available online in which include a comprehensive stock research facility. Daily Graphs was re-launched in as MarketSmith. William O'Neil still lectures and writes articles on investing.

William O'Neil is the author of several books on investing and his books have sold more than 4 million copies. William O'Neil and his wife Fay have provided charitable donations to the Southern Methodist University in Texas where he received his bachelor's degree. The material found on this website was written for financial educational purposes and.

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CANSLIM investting strategy helps you to select stocks by a combination of fundamental and technical analysis techniques. CANSLIM is an investing strategy that uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to find out stocks that grow faster than the. CAN SLIM investing is a certain investment strategy for stocks that was developed by William O'Neil, the co-founder of. Investor's Business Daily (IBD). CAN.