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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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Investing india rs live

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You may consider learning to manage your finances from your parents. It helps you make sound financial decisions and grow wealth over some time. Are you considering buying a car and contemplating buying a 'new car' or an 'old one'? Know the things to keep in mind before starting with your investments. The key points will help one to invest in the right direction. True, wealth cannot be produced in a single day, but it is not difficult to accumulate wealth over time if one is consistent and disciplined in investing.

Some developments in the markets, changes in your financial requirements and investment profile call for reviewing your financial plan. Managing a wedding is not an easy job, no matter how much you and your parents have financially planned for the big day. Read here for more. You may find many people working throughout their life and never achieving financial freedom.

Read on to learn more about financial freedom. Let us crush some numbers and draw a comparison between using cab services daily and buying a car to understand the most cost-effective and best-suited option. To reduce a debt burden, one should evaluate the proportion of loan against the earnings, include the debt liability into your budget and avoid any delay in repayment of any loan.

We just want our money to double in value and look for ways to do so in the shortest time possible. Continue reading this article. Financial freedom is a monetary status that lets you free from doing a job to earn your living or need an active income source to cover your living expenses.

You may find an economic slowdown having a direct or indirect impact on your finances. Read on to learn more on how to prepare for an economic slowdown. Gather all of your financial statements, including bank statements, savings accounts, credit card bills, and so on before you begin. You may get a reward from your company for the work and dedication to the business through an end-of-year bonus.

Read more on how to invest a year-end-bonus. Learn who should invest and how to construct in high returns portfolio. Also, get to know about alpha and beta in mutual fund portfolio. You can also become a crorepati if you regularly invest in equity mutual funds.

Read on to learn more about equity funds. Here are the six things to learn from the Financial Crisis of and how it lead to a roadmap for financial reforms. You could consider these six best investment options if you are a self-employed individual. You will find companies focusing on human capital to increase productivity and, thereby, the Company's financial capital. The collapse of the US housing bubble, which peaked in FY , was the primary and immediate cause of the financial crisis.

With this intent, we have already simplified the tax-filing process for individuals. Investors have made attempts worldwide to duplicate their portfolios on a smaller scale to gain proportionate returns. Read this article to know more. The shape of existing retail banks is changing, owing to competition from fast, focused digital newcomers eating into revenue streams. Physical gold is not a common investment among millennials today.

Investing in gold may also include paperless gold such as ETFs. When it comes to investing, there are two groups of individuals. They make a lot of money by manipulating market irrationalities. If you have many credit cards and have surpassed or are about to exceed your credit limit on one or more of them, you are likely to be in debt. Insurance and investment are two of the essential parts of personal finance.

Know which of the two are picked up based on varying preferences of a person. Payback Period Calculator : Curious about the time within which you can get back your money?. Enter the initial investment and annual cash inflows in ClearTax payback period calculator to get the payback period. Lease Calculator India : The ClearTax lease calculator allows you to calculate monthly lease payments, total payments, and total interest paid.

Just enter the required details such as asset value, residual value, lease term and interest rate to get the results. Down Payment Calculator : Use ClearTax down payment calculator to know how much amount you need in hand to purchase an asset. Enter the required particulars and get to know the cash needed, down payment, processing fee, loan amount and monthly payment. Are you planning to save a lumpsum amount for the future? Use ClearTax present value calculator to know how much amount you have to invest now to get a certain amount of money in the future.

Calculate returns on lumpsum investments - The ClearTax lumpsum calculator helps you to find out the total wealth gained on an investment. Simply enter the investment, period and expected returns to know the wealth gained. Use ClearTax future value calculator to calculate the future value of initial and periodic investments at a specific interest rate.

You can get to know the total investment made, and the total interest earned. Use ClearTax discount calculator to know the amount you saved as the discount. Enter the original price and discount percentage or discount amount to calculate the discount and price after discount. Simply, enter the details of the principal amount, interest rate, period, and frequency to know the interest earned. Knowing the goal before-hand is beneficial as it helps investors in deciding the structure of their investment portfolio.

Most novice investors have an illusion that mutual funds invest only in stocks. Mutual funds are broadly classified into equity, debt, and hybrid funds. Although both market value and intrinsic values are a way of evaluating a company, there is a significant difference between the two.

Buyback of shares and dividend payouts are the two ways in which companies payout their shareholders when there are surplus funds. The current market situation is induced by a pandemic and will not prevail. SEBI defines overnight mutual funds as open-ended debt funds that invest predominantly in the overnight assets and securities.

When it comes to mutual fund investments, you should not only invest money but also your time, because here time is also money! Liquid funds and fixed deposits are two of the most popular investments that are considered safe. Investment horizon must be assessed before investing.

An organisation is said to be ESG compliant if it meets all the criteria of environmental, social, and governance standards. Millennials are turning towards mutual funds as they get a much-needed flexibility of investing a small amount frequently. Individuals and families falling under the upper-class category are financially well off.

These are the ones who know the value and importance of investing. Individuals belonging to the upper middle class earn an annual income of at least Rs 8 lakh. Alpha and beta are two of the most commonly used parameters to measure the performance of investment vehicles that are linked with financial markets. It promotes mutual funds in various channels, the most prominent being the TV advertisements.

Portfolios of investments can be managed in two ways, depending on how actively they are managed. Active management of investments includes relentless trade. By investing in digital gold, you purchase 24K Two of the significant expenses that a parent of a girl child would have to bear is higher education and marriage.

This needs long-term planning. Entrepreneurs and business owners are liable to pay income tax on the revenues generated by their venture. This can be a considerable sum. Quants funds are a special kind of mutual funds whose asset allocation, including stock picking, is decided based on a predefined set of rules.

Investing in the right options by assessing the requirements and risk profile is one of the ways in which you can become rich over time. This fund exists to help employees accumulate a considerable sum for their retirement. Everyone would like to take up a government job as it offers job security.

However, they also need to make investments to plan their future better. Retirement planning should be considered seriously by every earning individual as they can stay financially independent in their retired life. The presence of inflation has made it necessary for all those with some savings to invest so that they have sufficient money later when they need. Planning your retirement is key.

This will alleviate the need to depend on others for your living expenses. Investing should not end with your retirement; it should carry on. If you have a considerable disposable sum in your hands, then investing it in schemes that offer regular monthly plans is a great idea. There are various options available. Handling your finances becomes seamless and effortless by getting the basics right. The key to a great financial plan is to keep your expenses much lower.

Tax planning is not as hard as it seems. Every taxpayer should look to optimise their tax outgo. Best investment plans for Beginners in India: Novice investors are generally young and in the initial years of their professional life. Hence, they will have a long-term investment horizon. The main aim of the financial policy is to retain price stability while considering the goal of growth.

Stability in price is a necessary prerequisite to sustainable growth. As an investor, you would expect your investment to provide you with a regular income as well as accumulate wealth post-retirement. The primary goal of setting up NIIF was to optimise the economic impact largely through investing in infrastructure-related projects. Municipal bonds are issued when a government body wants to raise funds for projects such as infra-related, roads, airports, railway stations, and schools.

A comprehensive guide on investment declaration and submission of Form 12BB. Are you worried about your retirement? Here is everything you need to know about the most preferred investment options for retirement. Should I invest in real estate or mutual funds? The fee-based advisors charge an annual fee corresponding to the assets they manage. The fee-only financial advisors charge a flat fee on all transactions. India has seen massive industrial developments over the last two decades and attracts NRIs to consider India a viable destination to invest.

In a SIP, you can set aside a small amount of money monthly or quarterly rather than investing a lump sum. On the other hand, an RD lets you deposit a fixed amount each month for a predefined duration. At the end of the tenure, you will get back the principal amount and the interest.

Top 6 Safe Investments in India that offer good returns. With a plethora of options to choose from, it's quite obvious that one would not be sure of where to invest. Traditionally, the Indians are conservative investors, and they generally don't prefer investing in risky investment options. However, the trend is changing of late. Stock markets, mutual funds, and corporate bonds have become a viable investment option in India. Indians prefer investing in traditional investment options such as provident funds and bank deposits.

Confused about where to invest your money? This quick analysis will help you choose between mutual funds vs ULIPs. Read this article to know more about mutual funds vs ULIPs. A trading account is used to buy or sell equity shares in a stock market.

Previously, the stock exchange functioned on the open outcry system. Under dematerialisation, your share certificates are converted from physical form to electronic form so as to increase their accessibility. You need a Demat Account number to settle trades electronically. Having a Demat Account allows you to buy shares and store them safely. You can still work out a sensible investment plan and own a house in near future. Let us help you with the same. Starting your investments as soon as you start working i.

You have a better chance to secure your retired life without much hassle. Equity Linked Saving Schemes under the new tax regime have lost their prior tax-free status, but despite these might still be one of the best long term investment options available. The great thing about SIP is that allows investors convenience in their investment. The investors do not need to make the periodic payments as it is deducted from their account automatically.

Getting a raise is a right time to make smart investing decisions. Understand how even the smallest of increase in your Systematic Investment Plan can help generate greater returns for you to achieve your financial goals. If you have an SIP, increase your monthly contribution to the same as your inc. For those of you wondering how to become a crorepati in 10 years time, one point to note is that the earlier you start investing towards your future the sooner you will reach your goal.

Here we have few tips and guidelines to help you accumulate your first milestone through systematic and discipline. A stock market is a platform where investors can buy and sell the shares of publicly traded companies. If you want to invest in the stock markets you must first understand how this market actually works. Here we give you an insight into how the stock markets function.

Financial planning or the lack of it in your 50s can either make or break you. In your 40s, your priorities and your goals will be very different from that in your 20s or 30s and hence your planning must also take this into account. To help you build your wealth and have a sol.

Fixed Income Investments - Here we have compiled some of the best-fixed income investment options that are on offer in India. The list includes some well known as well as some lesser known funds and schemes that can be availed by Indian citizens. When stock split takes place, there is an increase in the number of shares of that company without any change in the market capitalization. The number of shares during a stock split goes up but the price per share goes down.

When an investor subscribes to the equity share of a company, he becomes a shareholder. Another example would be, if you switch your Job Company or Location for Higher Payment, you are getting Higher Returns on the Switching Cost decision overheads, relocation expenses etc. For example, if you are a Business Owner making Rs. You are Welcome to Comment here. Our Core Advisor will reply soon. Premium Subscription. In my view, this book is better than the Warren Buffet Way book because it allows easily implementable patterns.

All our Multibaggers are created based on Warren Buffett Checklist. So Investing is required to Protect your Money! As some genius said, Lack of Money is the Problem of World.. We are living in a Money Controlled World! But there is a problem in this System. All these money making is depending on the Uncertainity on Economy, Skill to perform etc.

The current corona times would have iterated this that even the Wealthiest person would have Money problem to meet their expenses. Stock Market is Apt for Wealth Creation! Note: In Stock Market investments you will not be controlling the performance of your stocks.

Here you will be focusing on Generating Income for Financial Freedom so that you can quit your monotonous job, have more family time, can go for world trip etc. Even though Stock Market provides dividend incomes it will take really long years to generate necessary income for financial freedom.

Note: In these investment vehicles you can control some of the performance of your assets. In this way you can Increase the ROI on it. During one of our Client started investing in stocks with a Capital of Rs.

Now he got his Wealth zoomed to around 1 Crore! As you know he cannot be Financially Free with Rs. Here we advised him to switch to Real Estate Commercial Properties. Now he is free from the Income Problem of Money. You have NO Control on how your money is managed, how efficient your fund manager is. Also, mutual funds have restrictions on certain capitalization of stocks so the returns will not be par with Smallcap, Midcap returns we invest here. This will yield you to Success!

Riches are just Money Managers. They make sure Money works for them. Then they focus on their Passionate Job aligned with Money Growth. Riches chooses Appropriate Insurance Protection. Term Insurance are better than Endowment plan for life insurance. Riches handle Taxes carefully. Riches play shark with Loans. In this way they leverage loans to grow richer faster.

You can Refer more about Riches here. As said before, Information Technology during was a Growth area. We need to find out such growth sectors. Example Screener. Growth Factor alone cannot yield you to Success. You need to check the Price also. Here comes the Value Check!

Here you calculate the Intrinsic Value of the company using Growth parameters. For example let us take HDFC bank example which is a bluechip darling of lot of investors. HDFC at Rs. At the same time, If the Price crashes to Rs. You can play with our Intrinsic Value Calculator here.

Debt can give you good leverage. But it can kill you too during tough times. So it is Important for a Multibagger Investor to ensure the Debt is low or zero. Lower the better. Maximum 0. Note: Wonderla Holidays is a Zero debt company. After the Corona troubles if you can enter the company at a lower price, It could be a Multibagger! Integrity of the Management is important to really give you a Multibagger returns.

More on Multibagger Checklist here. Never invest in a company if you do not understand the business very well. Warren Buffett says you should buy the stock like you are buying the company. Feel it! The PE Ratio for the company should be moderate as per the sector. Book Value is the Value of company as per the Financial Records. Else it is a high-priced one.

It show the Debt the company have. Ensure it is below 0. Promoters Holdings shows the Promoters Confidence int he company. It is the Core Formula which identifies the True Value of the company. Totally we have a Point Checklist. You can Subscribe our Multibagger Plan use to learn more. There we come with the next warning: You should not invest in just one or two companies..

You should have a Portfolio! Fund Managers uses Portfolio to manage the investments. Portfolio ensures your Investments are diversified enough so that any problem to a paritcula sector will not cause all your eggs to be broken. Keep around stocks in your Portfolio. Rotate the stocks — add new, remove few every year after ensuring the Intrinsic Value.

Bear Market usually last for years in Stock Market. Bear Market usually appears every years. You should do the Opposite during Bull Market. In Bull Market the prices will be irrationally high compared with their Intrinsic Value. More on Bear Market Handling here. We use it almost daily for Screening, Evaluation, Notification etc. Following are Important ratios we use:. Contact us if you need custom ratios we use. You can use our custom made Intrinsic Value tool for India.

They make all the business decisions considering the ROI! To be a successful Investor you should become a Master in ROI calculations in all aspects — stock market, real estate, career, hiring, other investments etc. Audit Excel is the Investor Tool! You will get results without Actively managing it.

The human mind is the connection to universal mind aka god. So this is a Full Time Thought! You should learn more books, attend sessions on Value, Growth Investing as well as upcoming sectors. You should keep focus on the Quarterly results of the company. Plus, you should completely read the Annual Reports too.

Note : Keeping stocks minimal will enable you to reduce the number of annual reports. Warren Buffett uses same. The formula is helpful in Evaluating stocks which have projected growth rate. This is a Moving Calculation! More the growth, More will be the Intrinsic Value. More the Margin of Safety — More the Cushion you have!

As he buys in Billions of Dollars the Intrinsic Value Margin of Safety protects him from short-term price crashes of the stock. Let us say your friend is advising to Buy Page Industries. You will put the following values as per April data on Screener.

You can open the company details using the link of Screener. After submitting the values in our Intrinsic Value Calculator you will get the following:. You can visit the Value Stocks India link here. Enter your email address. Sign Up. We recommend you make the decision every Half-yearly or Yearly based on the Results of the stock.

You can use this Real Intrinsic Value Calculator here. Go to Screener. Enter those values here. Just keep the other values untouched. Then immediate you will get the Intrinsic Value of your company. This is good only for Old-age people Or Poor-class who wish Not to take any risk. Plus, real estate have more issues like registration costs, no easy liquidity, regular monitoring, maintenance efforts, political biases etc.

If you wanted to be Super Rich then Stock Market is the way! How is that possible? Being a Futurecaps Client you will be paying only Rs. However, you need to learn the right ways of direct equity investing. Stock Market is created for Wealth Creation!

Read more. The compounded price growth happens through company growth, capitalization growth, investor attraction, mutual fund participation, PE resizing etc. Stock Market is risky in the short-term. So find out your Risk Capital — the amount of money you are okay to see as loss. If Rs. There are strategies to 5X your Savings given to Paid Subscribers. This will ensure you the Future Profits of your portfolio. Example : Warren Buffett went with Apple not seeing the Technology but the Loyal Customer base as the Moat who are ready to pay the premium purcahse price.

Valuation is an Art! Spend hours per week on learning rather than taking stock market actions. Stock Market gives more returns than your Career if you Learn it properly. Synonymous, you have to check your Net Worth Returns also. Do not copy the Traders abrupt terms like stop-loss, target etc. You will not reach anywhere. Traders are Looted! Why would you follow the amateur traders? They will do this even when the stock price went up or down.

This is because the Intrinsic Value gets upgraded based on results. For example, a stock is priced at Rs. Remember ROI is King! Exclusions are Bear Markets!

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Find the current Euro Indian Rupee rate and access to our EUR INR converter, charts, India stocks lower at close of trade; Nifty 50 down %. Access the latest USD/INR statistics and analyses as well as the economic events impacting the US Dollar - Indian Rupee pair. Find the current US Dollar Indian Rupee rate and access to our USD INR converter, charts, historical data, news, and more.