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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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Will silver price go up

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Compliance Careers Media Centre Anti-money laundering. Partner with us. Referral programme Partnership Programme. Support center. Capital System status. Get the app. Log In Trade Now. My account. News and Analysis News Commodities Silver price forecast for and beyond: Will the precious metal rebound? Silver price forecast for and beyond: Analyst point of view Is silver a good investment?

Silver price forecast for and beyond: Will the precious metal rebound? Share this article Tweet Share Post. In this article: Silver Silver Tags Silver. Have a confidential tip for our reporters? Get In Touch. GME Swap Short:. Trade now.

AAPL GOOG TSLA What is your sentiment on Silver? Vote to see Traders sentiment! Market sentiment: Bullish Bearish. You voted bullish. You voted bearish. Give Silver a try. Start trading. Try demo. Will silver prices go up or down in ? What makes silver go up and down? What You Need to Know The week ahead update on major market events in your inbox every week.

Rate this article. You can still benefit if the market moves in your favour, or make a loss if it moves against you. However, with traditional trading you enter a contract to exchange the legal ownership of the individual shares or the commodities for money, and you own this until you sell it again. CFDs are leveraged products, which means that you only need to deposit a percentage of the full value of the CFD trade in order to open a position.

But with traditional trading, you buy the assets for the full amount. CFDs attract overnight costs to hold the trades unless you use leverage , which makes them more suited to short-term trading opportunities. Stocks and commodities are more normally bought and held for longer. Capital Com is an execution-only service provider.

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If you rely on the information on this page then you do so entirely on your own risk. Still looking for a broker you can trust? Join the Better than category average. Category average. News and Analysis. Global demand for silver is on the rise and expected to reach a record this year, offering an opportunity for investors to buy the metal at prices that have seen little change in the past six months. Money Reserve. Industrial demand is half of total demand for silver, and should be responsible for about half of the price movement, says Robert Minter, director of ETF investment strategy at asset manager abrdn.

The other half of demand comes from jewelry and investment use, where drivers are similar to gold, he says. On Feb. Likely triggers for a breakout move this year include geopolitical and monetary concerns, inflation issues, and growth in silver demand, says Cuggino. Investors are already buying silver.

Moy points out that sales of American Eagle silver one-ounce coins at the U. Mint climbed from a prepandemic level of Stocks have been inching back in recent days from the brink of bear market territory. It may be time to scoop up shares at steep discounts.

Myra P. Saefong, assistant global markets editor, has covered the commodities sector for MarketWatch for 20 years.

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But, on the other hand, this transition to green energy could benefit precious metals such as silver, which has unique qualities vital for the production of solar cells used in the production of electricity. The U.

But, so far, it looks like the U. So, to sum up, we see 3 key drivers for precious metals prices that are likely to be in place in higher inflation, strained supply chains, and growing investor risk sentiment. And if the other 3 factors mentioned by Nicky Shiels are not as active right now, they should still be followed closely by gold and silver investors. If they were to play a key role next year, they are likely to end up influencing gold or silver prices as well.

With inflation worries growing stronger over the past months, precious metals, especially gold , have been reflecting investors' sentiment about inflation quite well. But as fears grew stronger, and with inflation hitting a new year high in October, gold, silver, and platinum prices soared , responding to surging consumer prices and deteriorating investor sentiment. Economists generally use the term to describe the general public's return to consumerism following a period of lower spending.

Most likely, gold might well profit and get a boost as a safe-haven asset by ever-growing inflation fears, investor risk sentiment as well as geopolitical risks. The silver price, on its part, might benefit from the ongoing transition to cleaner energy, with silver being a vital element in green energy technologies. Platinum and palladium , as rare metals used by carmakers to reduce harmful vehicle emissions, are likely to profit from recovering car demand and stricter emission regulations, among other factors.

But in the meantime, with a still-unclear global economic situation and persisting inflation fears, investors could probably think of protecting their wealth with a safe-haven asset. Receive engaging gold and market insights directly in your inbox. The Spotlight. It will cover the following topics: Key drivers for precious metals Gold price outlook Silver price outlook Platinum price outlook Palladium price outlook Key drivers for precious metals in As for any other asset, precious metals depend on certain driving forces that will move their price up or down.

Driver 6: U. Technically it remains very contained and is somewhat fairly priced. Precious metals price forecast for With inflation worries growing stronger over the past months, precious metals, especially gold , have been reflecting investors' sentiment about inflation quite well. New trade and geopolitical risks. Click here to see the current gold price and set up your market alerts.

Real industrial demand drivers picking up speed in the medium term. Shortage and stockpiling issues due to persistent supply chain risks. Click here to see the current silver price and set up your market alerts. Accelerating heavy-duty vehicle demand and substitution. Hydrogen demand prospects brought forward by accelerating investor demand.

Is it profitable to invest in Silver commodity? What will Silver price be worth in five years ? Will SI price crash? Will Silver price hit USD price in a year? Help us improve our free forecast service with share! Silver SI Price Prediction per ounce , Forecast for next months and years Below you will find the price predictions for , , , , , Short-term and long-term SI Silver price predictions may be different due to the different analyzed time series.

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When will SI price go down? When will Silver price drop? Investors are responsible for their own investment. We can not guarantee any profit. Please wait Price: Min: Max: Silver Price Forecast for Open: Close:

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discover-newyork.com › articles › silver-has-been-stuck-at-lower-prices-it-may-. The silver price jumped to an eight-year high in February , briefly touching the $30 per ounce psychological level, as the market attracted the attention of. The site believes that it should close the year back up somewhat to $ For what it's worth, LongForecast says silver should close down.