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Sun life financial dental provider phone number free forex webinar

Sun life financial dental provider phone number

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Please select the state you reside in from the following list to receive plan information:. If the directory information appears to be inaccurate, please contact us by phone at by email at [email protected] , or by clicking here to let us know. Purchased online or by phone. Sun Life Dental plans promote better oral health. We are an affordable option to traditional insurance. If you have high deductibles and still can't afford to see a doctor contact us today! A contact list of insurance companies and administrators that DenteMax works with can be found in the Dentist Portal.

Plan members can contact our Client Care Centre at if they have questions about their claims. Box Stn Main. Their team offers the latest in technology and a great line of the products. Beyond the quality of their work Sun Dental Labs provides great customer service and clear communication to meet delivery dates and our expectations. Sun Life employee benefits made easy for you. Emergency notice: We're ready to assist Clients who have been affected by the recent weather and fire events.

Sun Life Assurance Company Of Canada, a diversified financial services company, provides savings, retirement and pension, and life and health insurance to individuals and groups in Canada, the United States, Asia, and the United Kingdom. Sun Life Insurance Company. About Sun Life. Sun Life rolls out largest dental network. Existing customers will transition to the new Sun Life Dental Network from the Assurant Dental Network at one of the upcoming renewals over the next few years.

It marks another milestone in the integration of Sun Life and Assurant Employee Benefits, which it acquired in March Dentists and dental offices Sun Life U. How do patients find out that I am a participating dentist? Your practice information is included in our directory of participating providers and on our website.

We also direct patients to participating providers via telephone referrals through our Client Services lines. Who do I call with questions about my network participation? You can call Provider Relations at from a. CT , Monday through Friday..

You can call Provider Relations at with questions, or to obtain your network fee for any procedure not listed in your Personal Fee Profile. As part of your welcome notification, you were provided a copy of your Participating Dentist Agreement and your Personal Fee Profile. Visit www. We encourage you to refer to this information for any questions you may have. If you have any comments or problems, please call Provider Relations at Are there fees assessed for payments by Virtual Credit Card?

Standard credit card processing charges will apply. Please consult your merchant processor or financial institution for specific rates. How do I find out about coverage, deductibles, co-pays and maximums for your patients? Please contact Client Services at the number indicated on the patient's ID card or you can utilize one of our self-service options.

Am I required to refer patients to specialists in a patient's PPO network? When specialists are required, we recommend that referrals be made to a participating specialist in their PPO network so that patients can take full advantage or their in-network benefits. If you choose to refer a patient to an out-of-network specialist, you may do so, but we request that you inform the patient that they have the option to be referred to an in-network specialist if they desire. How do I submit a claim for one of your patients?

Claims should be submitted with your usual fees, not the network fee listed in your personal fee profile. Claims should be submitted to the address on the back of the patient's ID card. What am I allowed to bill the patient when you apply the alternate benefit provision? Many plans contain a provision, which limits the amount of reimbursement for a procedure to the amount available for the least costly alternate treatment for that dental problem or disease.

Our PPO dentists are allowed to bill the patient for the service actually performed. The patient's responsibility is the difference paid by us and the fee for the service actually performed. In all instances, you are limited to the charge stated in your Personal Fee Profile. Am I allowed to bill the patient if a service is not paid by you?

Our PPO dentists are allowed to bill the patient for services performed that are not covered by the plan. For non-covered services, whether the fees are listed in your Personal Fee Profile apply depends on i whether you have elected to offer your network fees on non-covered services and ii in some cases, any applicable state law. Even if your network fee would otherwise apply, in the event that your usual fee is lower than the network fee, you may not bill the difference between your usual fee and the network fee.

Can I send electronic attachments? Yes, we accept electronic attachments. Can I check eligibility online? By logging into your Sun Life account where you will be able to search for a particular patient and retrieve their eligibility information. How do I sign up for electronic claims? You may contact Change Healthcare or Tesia. How long does it take to process pre-estimates?

It typically takes two or more weeks to process a pre-estimate. Sometimes additional information is needed, so it is helpful to submit all appropriate documentation when filing a pre-estimate. What are the guidelines for submitting pre-estimates?

A pre-estimate is not required but encouraged in order to avoid any confusion about the amount of plan benefits that would be paid. Can I fax pre-estimates to you? Faxing a pre-estimate is not recommended for those services requiring x-rays for benefit determination. Our fax line for pre-estimates is If I have a problem with a claim from you, which number do I call?

Our Client Services number is Hours of operation are 7 a. Contact the benefits administrator at the phone number on the patient's dental ID card. If I have a dispute with you, how can it get resolved? What is the Prepaid Dental Plan? It is a dental network plan that arranges for provision of covered dental services through a contracted network of private practice dentists.

A plan member must select a plan-participating facility and utilize that facility in order to receive benefits. The member pays any applicable copayment s at the time of treatment according to the Copayment Schedule. Except in the case of a dental emergency, services provided by out-of-network dentists are not a covered benefit, unless pre-authorized by the Plan. Except in very limited circumstances, there are no claim forms to submit.

You are compensated through the combination of the periodic capitation payment and the member copayment paid at the time of service. Some prepaid plans, DHMO series plans , include a third payment based upon the services provided. How do I join the Prepaid Plan? To receive information and forms to join our Prepaid Plan, call Provider Relations at or email PrepaidDental sunlife. All dentists and specialists must be credentialed before being accepted as a participating provider.

What states are the Prepaid Dental Plans available in? For a list of the underwriting entities go to our Legal Notice. How does the Prepaid Plan work? Members select a Plan Participating Facility from our directory at the time of enrollment. We will send you a roster each month listing the members who have selected your facility as well as the plan they have purchased. You will receive monthly capitation payments for these members and you will collect copayments from the members based on the copayment schedule.

Except in rare circumstances, such as an out-of-area emergency, member may only access the benefits of the plan by utilizing their selected facility. How do I know which plans I accept? Your roster will list all the members that have selected your practice along with the plans that they have purchased. If you have a question about the plans listed or need copies of the Copayment Schedules, please contact Clients Services at Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Thursday a.

CT and on Friday from a. How do I refer my patient to a specialist?

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Long-term disability insurance is designed to provide coverage for a longer time period, although there is generally still a limit that depends on the policy. Sun Life policies allow you to choose between a percentage of your monthly income or a flat rate dollar amount to be paid out on claims.

Sun Life writes policies that are designed to provide a single payout in the event of a serious illness. Among the illnesses that might be covered by this policy, depending on the terms, are:. In New York, Sun Life offers a different policy, called Specified Illness that works similarly to critical illness insurance, offering a lump sum payment in the event of a covered diagnosis.

Most financial services companies have some New York-specific products. Sun Life offers a variety of dental insurance plans to cover routine dental care and other needs, including emergency care and major procedures. The site indicates that most of their plans are PPO plans, which allow the policyholder to select from a network of dentists and ultimately reduce the out-of-pocket costs.

Plans include an optional Accident Disability benefit, which will help provide income when a covered accident prevents you from working. Other available plan benefits include emergency Travel Assistance and Identity Theft protection.

These plans are designed to protect self-insured companies from major financial losses in the event of large claims. Sun Life also offers resources to companies to help them manage losses and keep costs down, including their SunResources cost-containment services and SunElite plan document review services. Sun Life is really focused on the group benefits market, and they tailor their benefits packages to meet the needs of a variety of different specialty companies.

These include:. Each of these plans includes benefits with features that are specific to the needs of each industry, including increased coverage for executives and coverage specific to the medical industry as well. The company aims to put together benefits packages that will appeal to the employees of each company while allowing the employer to provide an affordable option.

The company does not offer online quoting, therefore we are unable to provide a comparison rate on their life insurance products. Sun Life sells their products as employee benefits, and rates for employer-provided insurance policies differ from those that can be found on the open market, as employers sometimes subsidize the premiums. This can make companies like Sun Life difficult to compare price-wise to direct purchase companies.

From our research, it seems the only way to get a Sun Life quote is to have the products offered to you through your employer. Hopefully, they will also be able to provide you with more details regarding the policies themselves, to help determine whether the premiums are a good deal. Claims information is almost as hard to find on the Sun Life website as details on their actual products.

The contact information page offers only general phone numbers, and in the FAQ section, there is information on how to file a claim without any contact information. The last thing anyone who needs to file a death claim should have to deal with is digging through a website trying to figure out how to proceed.

While some insurance companies recognize this and provide easy to locate contact information and thorough claims procedure assistance, some fail in this department and Sun Life appears to be one of them. The Employee Benefits customer service department can be reached at There is no indication of any sort of online filing option, which is something that is becoming an expected feature in the insurance world.

There is, however, an area of the website where forms can be downloaded. Not surprisingly, we found little in the way of information on the claims process. The FAQ lists a few basics that will be required to file the claim, but nothing in terms of what the beneficiary should expect or how the company handles claims.

There are a total of 35 complaints against the company in the past three years, seven of which have been closed in the last 12 months. The Canadian company has had only seven complaints in the past three years and one that was closed in the last 12 months. We frequently see low complaint volume about life insurance and financial services companies, particularly those that have a lot of employee benefits policies, as people tend to use other methods to deal with problems.

Still, these numbers are low, and for companies on both sides of the border, considering the size of this company especially. As far as the U. If Sun Life products are offered to you through your employer, then they are worth investigating further. In some cases, employer life insurance cannot be carried over, and that means all the premiums you have paid will be lost if you change jobs. That said, if the benefits being offered by your employer do interest you, Sun Life is a pretty solid company to handle them.

Get started comparing rates today. Enter your ZIP code into our free tool to get started. Skip to content. Auto Home Health Life Medicare. According to this review, if Sun Life Financial insurance products are available through your employer, you should consider it.

Couple of quick questions. How much coverage do you need? Are you a smoker? No Yes. How would you rate your overall health? Excellent Good Fair Poor. What is your age? What is your zip code? By clicking Get My Free Quotes and submitting this form, I am providing express written consent to being contacted by you, Quote. I can revoke my consent at any time. I also understand that my agreement to be contacted is not a condition of purchasing any property, goods or services, and that I may call to speak with someone about obtaining an quote.

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You can call Provider Relations at. To get an interpreter or to ask about written information in your language, first call your plan's phone number at Someone who speaks your. Prepaid Dental Claims All Other Dental Claims Vision Claims General inquiries: Sun Life. One Sun Life Executive Park.