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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

Acd method forex forex daily trade setups review

Acd method forex

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NYMEX Symposium , a series of six webcasts wherein Mark Fisher condenses his ideas, methods, and strategies, including a "real life" prep and trading session. Highly recommended for all traders is the first webcast. Hint: the webcasts will open as a page in your browser, which you will not be able to pause or rewind.

Fisher talks extremely fast, with loads of content easily missed. The opening range OR , typically anywhere from 10m to 60m, depending on the instrument being traded, forms the core of the method. The HL of the range are the "B" and "D" of the strategies. The OR is extended by a factor based on a percentage of the Average True Range of the past 3 to 30 days, again depending on your goals and the instrument traded.

These extensions form the basis of the "A" and "C" in the strategies. Fisher mentions the Market Profile method and at the time the book and symposium were current, maintained that his Pivot Range is comparable. Opening range can also be applied to longer periods. Just as the daily OR has a greater chance than other times throughout the day of being the high or low, monthly OR has a greater chance than another day in the month of being the high or low for the next 20 or so trading days.

Once the trader knows this fact, it can be exploited to better the odds of making money. This is also true of the first two weeks 10 trading days of each six-month period. The high and low set during the first two weeks of January and July often represent an important area of support or resistance for the next five and a half months. The good news is that both monthly and half-yearly ORs are very easy to calculate.

Simply take the high and the low of the first trading day of the month for the monthly OR, or take the first 10 trading days in January or July for the half-yearly OR and draw two lines across your chart. If price breaks above the high, a bullish bias is adopted. If it breaks below the low line, a bearish stance is taken. Monthly opening range is plotted in Figure 1 orange lines.

We see that after breaking down through the monthly OR, the stock continued to trade lower, confirming a medium-term negative market bias. Advance warning of the breakdown was provided by the bearish divergence on the relative strength index , or RSI, in the upper window of the chart in Figure 1.

Most experienced traders are familiar with pivots. A pivot point is simply the point at which a security changes direction and is therefore a turning point. A pivot low price bar has higher bars before and after it so that the formation looks like either a "V" or "U. Pivots signify the end of a short-term move and minor reversal or the end of the dominant trend and a major change in direction.

Pivot points are used to calculate Fibonacci levels of support and resistance, swing trade entry and exits, and in a host of other trading techniques. A pivot range is also based on the high, low and close, but is calculated somewhat differently than a pivot point. As the name implies, pivot ranges have a high and low limit.

Here is the calculation from "The Logical Trader. And for the six-month pivot ranges, the high, low and close of the first 10 trading days of January and July should be used:. Below, the monthly blue lines and six-month orange lines pivot ranges are plotted for Broadcom. In both cases, the pivot ranges acted as either resistance when in a bear trend or support bull trend. Like opening range, pivot ranges can be used to execute trades. Similar to an ACD trade, A ups and downs as well as C ups and downs are used, but because the trader is using longer time frames, larger values are employed than when the daily values are calculated not shown in Figure 2.

The time frame is different but the concept is the same. The goal is to identify breakouts, assess their potential and then trade accordingly. Another technique for helping traders spot breakouts is the three-day rolling pivot. When the three-day rolling pivot range is below the price action, long trades are favored and when above, short trades are preferred.

In the image above, a buy signal is generated on Mar 1 No. A long trade is further confirmed by the fact that the three-day rolling pivot is acting as support. The stock then begins to trade in a range in which the three-day rolling pivot turns from support to resistance by Mar 5. When the stock drops through the A down at point 2 on Mar 6, a sell is generated.

Here is the calculation for the three-day rolling pivot:. Fisher's point in "The Logical Trader" is that OR and pivot ranges are methods used by his professional traders to gauge overall market bias and are more powerful than simply relying on standard support and resistance. How are opening and pivot ranges used together? For example, if OR is less than the pivot range and assuming there is some room between the A up and the pivot range, a long trade could still be taken.

But fewer shares would be purchased, since the trader knows that the price has a strong probability of stopping or reversing when it reaches the pivot range. But when the price trades above the OR and pivot range, the trader has a higher degree of confidence that the trade has some room to move, so they buy more shares as it is now a plus day.

Opening range provides a wider area with a probability that it will either be the high or the low of the period under examination. The pivot range, whether it is daily or half-yearly, gives another point of reference for support or resistance. By plotting these values on the chart, a trader can immediately see when the stock or market is gaining or losing strength and momentum.

Designating where OR and pivot range are in relation to each other and to the current price helps the trader decide how much confidence can be used when placing a trade. This information is highly useful in making trading decisions. And, like any reliable technical trading technique, it is one that works in all time frames. MBF Clearing Corp. Advanced Technical Analysis Concepts. Technical Analysis Basic Education. Trading Strategies.

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Yes, I have read the logical trader and that is where this thread will be directed. It is for swing trading in this thread and we are waiting for price to make a good A up or down from the first day of the month. Number line for the month is now Is C point reversal or opposite direction trade level? Is there any indicator of this method? Thanks, Subscribed. Re: ACD 6 by MrPip I have been using ACD on the 15 minute timeframe for over 8 years and have coded an indicator to automatically draw the lines for each trading session.

When used as stated in the book it works OK at times, however, when entering a little early it can have amazing results. It is a range breakout system that was originally developed for the commodities market. When combined with a few other indicators and some trade management it can be a very profitable system. Indicator is just a tool. Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally. I still share my knowledge and skills about forex when time allows.

Where is the based place s to post these indicators? I did see RSI and Stochastics threads and my histogram combines the two. Latest posts. Is forex trading really worth it? Last post by Dashek Tue Sep 14, pm. Suggestions for building a trading system 17 Replies Views.

Thanks, should have dawned on me when i posted the picture that the arrows weren't there. Nope, you got that wrong. It takes awhile to get used to it and understand all the layers that fisher talks about. However it is by far the best trading method i have come across. ACD works better if you use it on the markets that fishers firm uses it on. However one thing i noticed is that when the signals occur you have to take them and follow the method to a t.

I have read the book at least 5 times and learn something new everytime. The thing is that you have to learn 1 thing completely and then go after the next and so forth. It is built upon layers and to understand all the layers does take some time. The opening range is 45 minutes with an A value of. I would simtrade CL if thats what you want to trade for at least 2 months.

Then keep reading the book as you will need to read it at least 5 times. ACD is just the beginning you have to understand the other layers fisher talks about to really use his system the way it was designed.

Stick to learning the basics of ACD and keep adding layers after you understand them. ACD only works when you have knowledge of all the layers, that is the key. Until you have an understanding of every indicator you will have many false signals and won't be able to understand why you got stopped out. I rarely let my stops go as far as ACD dictates because i now use maybe of fishers indicators and only when they all align do i max out my trades.

It is a difficult system but one that is excellent once you have mastered it. I have spent 10 months every day working on it and i am still learning every day. Just yesterday i had my first D signal. You will start to see the signs of ACD once you master the layers. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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Trading Fisher Bars with ACD and Pivot Ranges with Mark Fisher

The ACD methodology is. It is a breakout strategy that works best in volatile or trending markets with a special group of stocks and commodities (those with high volatility work. ACD is a breakout strategy that works best in volatile or trending markets with a special group of stocks and commodities such as crude oil. Opening Range.