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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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Forex club org

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Learn more about data safety No information available. The app is pretty much good to use!! But I suggest you guys should add trend lines to it so we can also analyze trade and make the signals you've provided for us more effective!!! Dear Ben Natasha! Thank you for your review and your suggestions. Unfortunately, trend lines aren't yet released in a mobile version, as it is supposed to be more compact. We recommend to also independently analyze market.

Hi guys, updating on this morning, thank you, it seems someone read my post and the app is working, thank you, I will gladly give five stars if it continues working without just loading after this week. Thank again Hello, Gamegirl17! Many thanks for your positive review! We always strive to keep our customers as happy as possible. Best wishes, Libertex team. You need to upgrade the server. It's often unavailable I lost many point.

Yesterday, technical difficulties were recorded in our Company in the operation of the terminal. The issues have now been resolved. Please try to repeat the procedure performed, it should pass correctly. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Team Libertex. You can now enable fast trade closing without a confirmation window. If you want to withdraw your money and it does not matter if you have profits or not, they will delay the withdrawing process for months.

It does not matter how often you remind them or insist in withdrawing your money, you will NOT get them back. The first thing you should do is perform a chargeback! And you should do this right away! Contact your bank or credit card provider and explain how you were deceived into depositing for a trading company that is not regulated and they refuse to give your money back. This is the simplest way of getting your money back and is also the way that hurts them the most. Because if there are many chargebacks performed, it will destroy their relation with the payment service providers.

Just contact us at [email protected] but do not let your broker know they you read this article or that you are in contact with us. If you sent them a wire, there is no way to perform a chargeback on a wire. For this step you need to raise the fight to a different level. Tell them that you will go to the authorities and file a complaint against them. That will get them to rethink the refund possibility. Another thing you can do is prepare a letter or email for the regulating agencies. Depending on the country where you live, you can search on google to find the regulating agency for Forex brokers in that country.

After that you can prepare a letter or an email describing how you got deceived from them. If you do not know where to start, reach for us at [email protected] and we will help you with this step as well. Another way to hurt them and save other people from falling victims is to leave bad reviews on other sites, and describe shortly what happened. If you fallen victim please leave a review and a comment on this site at the comment section. Making the Forex Club review is actually a pleasure for us, and we hope to save as many people as possible from losing their hard earned money.

A good rule of thumb is to carefully review all the Forex companies and any other company for that matter, before you perform any transaction. We hope that our Forex Club review has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or you need an advice about the withdrawing process, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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Libertex - the best forex broker for online trading. It is simple and convenient to make a profit with trusted, regulated broker | Libertex. No information is available for this page. Forex Club is a group of companies based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines participating in the retail market of Contract for difference, Foreign Exchange.