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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

The dog figure on forex non investing op amp amplifier design

The dog figure on forex

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I am however very lucky this time is over. How was that saying with if chaos looks orderly … something is weird? No, I was just kidding a bit. To me your chart looks more like a giraffe than a dog. Casting pearls before swine… LOL. Actually in all seriousness your statiscally correct.

In your example a break long then a retrace then another break long. Measure the first break long. Then from the lowest point of the retace add the first break long figure. Thats your TP area on a long. Its not pip perfect but its dam close. Happens alot, take a look at the 5m EU. Sorry folks, I was really just kidding. No bad intention. It just looks still like a giraffe and not like a dog. Look at this loooong neck.

Elloitt wave theory on the 5m? It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jan 18, 1 0 Going for 20 pips per trade and 20 pip stop loss. May 19, 2 0 Which session are you trading? I thought the Black Dog looked like a promising system and was thinking about trying it, but it appeared that the author is in the UK and highly recommends trading the European session.

And I'm just not willing to give up my sleep, frankly. They did say something about being able to trade it on higher timeframes, which would eliminate some of the session specific issues. Can you speak to any of these things? Jan 27, 1 0 It all depends on your circumstances, your lifestyle, your job, your family. In fact any number of possibilities can influence your trading time frame. It's just something that you need to work out for yourself, unfortunately we at BD cannot assist you in this decision.

If you work full time then the Daily charts are probably the best TF to trade, or maybe the four hour charts H4. I have a patience problem. I cannot trade anything higher than a 15 minute TF. This is not to say that there are no trading opportunities on the higher TFs, there are many as we will see shortly. But I must explain to you why I trade the 15m TF as most of the charts shown will be 15m. Now, I usually trade the 15 minute timeframe simply because I can find three or four decent trades in the morning usually on different currency pairs and forget about trading for the rest of the day.

Vanhook2 Active Trader. Jan 28, 10 0 42 -5 GMT. I had my trailing stop set just about right. Is any one using any of the Mini Trend Finders? Last edited: Jan 28, Close all trades for the night. Rule 2 If you must trade, then always trade in the direction indicated by the last Black Dog. No exceptions. Last edited: Jan 30, The 1st, a 15M.

Notice the time of the Black Dog. The 2nd, a 5M. The BD signal came in 30 minutes sooner dotted black line is the 15M signal. I have seen this on some other pairs also today. Also, notice how the bottom indicator went flat after the signal on the 15M.

Looks like the 5M for me. Oct 22, 6 0 Hi Vanhook, are you using an EA with the black dog? I'm curious what pairs and timeframes you prefer? I've been playing with the system for the asian session but not having much luck, new york session is okay but you have to babysit it. Click to expand Sorry, I have not found a manual to go with. Maybe someone has it or can find it. As for the settings, I have found that each broker has their own quirks that must be dealt with.

Update Stops to BEv3.

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It is possible to use standard tools of tick volumes to find such model on the chart: if indications of such indicator form a similar pattern — it is possible to prepare for the opening of the transaction. For «Saucer» «Round Bottom» on the falling trend they allocate the following phases of development:. The turn on falling is formed by the same way on the growing trend «Inverted Saucer» or «Round Top» :.

We check a signal of the correct pattern end on volume dynamics. Several remarks for real Saucer trade. The closest price level of resistance for a classical figure will be the line of the Neck for inverted — support level , and breakthrough of such bounds will be the beginning of a turn. It is meant that by this moment the trader either has already opened the transaction or, at least, decided accurately on parameters of the postponed order.

After the breakthrough any trading strategy for a «Saucer» figure assume two options of an entrance — depending on money management conditions:. In practice it is very difficult to define an ultimate goal in case of implementation of all versions of a «Saucer» pattern, it is planned that the new trend will be quite long. However, with a high probability, it is possible to expect on two heights levels «depth» of the model.

As the maximum StopLoss traditionally are considered min on «Bottom of the Saucer» or max — at top of the inverted figure. Use of additional indicators simplifies identification of round models. That is you can see, for example, according to the scheme for Inverted Saucer option, when the price still grows, tick volumes already decrease. The price will be developed down after full formation of the model and only then volumes begin to grow, supporting a new trend. In the course of pattern formation in the center of «Bottom» sharp throws on indications of tick volumes are possible.

It is considered that the figure of a turn gives a trade signal depending on the position of the oscillator in respect to zero line. For instance, the Round Bottom model generates a signal on the purchase, when the Awesome Oscillator histogram moves above, but only in case if there is a complete construction of a turn on it as shown in the scheme.

At least, three next bars of the histogram are necessary for the formation of a signal, as a result of which the trend direction changes. Several practical remarks. The main condition for the formation of effective round Forex figures is obviously expressed, but an incomplete trend, the price should have rather long «driving distance» after the creation of the «Bottom» site. Otherwise, the trade potential of such constructions sharply decreases.

The situation when the round model is completely formed in the middle of the life cycle of the main direction is considered ideal. If the pattern appears in the final phase «before the end of a trend» , then its trade value considerably weakens. The inverted models not only meet much less often, almost are never fulfilled completely.

If the «Bottom» site turns out a V-shaped form or in its middle the double Thorn or a price gap is visible, then you shouldn't consider such construction as round model. The formation period has the crucial importance for the estimation of round Forex figure: the longer is creating, the stronger.

All round Forex figures — long term, they should be checked for stability constantly. Usually consistently reduce the analysis period not to miss the hidden tendencies, which capable of breaking the global model. For installation StopLoss the usual logic is applied to medium-term transactions: on strong price levels or in calculation of a potential loss on each transaction or on the deposit in general.

Round figures always arise during the periods of weak volatility and in the stable market when any speculative fluctuations have to return quickly the asset price in the main range. The trading volume during formation of round figures has to follow accurately the movement of the price according to the scheme and its increase in process of end of a pattern is the necessary confirming factor. If fundamental factors are resulted by such strong price throws that the price doesn't come back to the range necessary to you within settlement periods, then it is possible to consider that the round model — is cancelled.

For more reliable calculation the analysis of the general duration of the main trend and the entire period of «Round Bottom» formation is necessary or «Round Top» : the longer the pattern is created, the strong and long will be the fulfillment of its signals. We analyze surely «quality» of the already created model. Sometimes any smaller, but standard model for instance, the Triangle or the Flag may appear on its sites and if volumes behave standardly for such figure at the same time, then such situation can be considered a preliminary signal.

Time spent for construction has to be approximately identical to each «wall». After full figure formation but before key breakthrough! Then there is one more price site in the form of a flat platform. In that case — once again we analyze carefully the volume dynamics for the entire period of construction as the probability of cancellation of the previous calculations is high.

And as the conclusion …. On futures and stocks, the models on schedules less D1 are considered unstable in the long term. Volatility and speculativeness of currency assets give unstable almost all options on the periods less day, but such models are fulfilled much more often. In practice, it is possible to analyze correctly all round patterns only in case of the absence of speculative throws, because of they are very «slow», especially it is difficult to see a point of the end of the model on weak volatility.

It is necessary to estimate the quality of a price construction in general: duration and force of the previous trend and the period of model formation — the more time is spent on its construction, the stronger movement can be expected when fulfilling it. At the correct identification, the entrance to the transaction on signals of the offered round figures will be profitable on any financial asset, including stocks and binary options.

Round models once again confirm popular belief that for a victory over the market the trade capital, first of all, in the form of knowledge and patience, and not just in the form of money is necessary. The reasonable manimendzhment at trade on round figures Forex allows to hold medium-term and long-term transactions even with the small deposit, the main thing — exact calculation and constant control of a situation.

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Forex Top Dog Adopt A Solution Focused Mindset To Forex Trading You Can't BECOME A 7 FIGURE TRADER If You Can't Cut Your Losses. Yes, you can't really use Elliot Wave on 5m, but the Dog Leg shape equates to one wave, so you don't trade on the 'knee' (for want of a term) because the. My dog ate my forex. Page 2. Risk Disclosure. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be.