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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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Jason stapletons forex corner

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If you are not a shill then why post this rebuttal on this thread? Boy, if Rob, churn and the old irrelevant gang were around you would have really heard it from them. AND no education. ALSO a person can learn from a number of mentors over time, until he or she finds there true trading self. YES there are good marketers out there. And if they werent entertaing a bit your self interest would be too loose interest in trading.

AND who gives a shit about his past jobs, he may make a good presidental canditate over there. A true trader must do his own due dilligence alongside any guru,mentor recommends before trading check your charts 1st. This was the trading mentor I requested for review a few months ago and you have actually did it! I am honored to have my request come through and save a few more hundreds bucks from high class bullshitters!

Hats off to you sir! Stay healthy and safe always! The person who taught Jason is Todd Brown. I am surprised you did not come across him in your research. He is a master and the psychology stuff he teaches is very good. It used to be called Triplethreatfx. Hey emmet Just an idea but how about starting a Youtube channel and doing video reviews on there? Jason Stapleton that brings back memories. He offered a free what he called a Technical Trader Workshop for a week.

I call in try to get in new suckers week. I have no idea what he is doing now, but back then he was doing Harmonic Trading talking about the butterfly pattern or whatever. Unlike you I found his attitude to be insulting and belittling. Even in my Kool-aid state I thought this guy was full of shit.

So even back then I had some standards on who suckered me. Trading forex is almost similar to swing trading stocks, Analysis the economy to determine a bias and trade based on the basis divulged from how well or badly the economy is doing.

James, thanks for your input. So FX not conducive to day trading.. I am not a fan of day trading, but there are days when you have nice swings in futures. FX on the other hand is better suited to swing trading from what I can gather. I have always been interested in FX on a smaller level.

Once I lost my deposit with the FX broker going under years ago, never got back involved. I forgot the name of the broker that took my deposit. Then they show a withdrawal from that lucky trade and wheel in the suckers with thoughts that all they need to do is scalp eurusd for 3 pips a day and drive a BMW to the bank daily. Only on here because I paid Steve Mauro 25k 3 years ago for some of the most garbage forex training in the world. I hope I can help more avoid those types of trading schemes just like emmet.

Also you realized the futility in micro scalping which Rob advises against for anyone that listens. We are all here because we are tired of these charlatans bilking the unsuspecting and if we can help some from making the same mistake then even better. Also, I would love to see sweeping changes where most of the vendors are put in jail. The purpose is simple just to share information no bullshit. If you guys are traders or are learning to trade it would be great to hear different views and realities in each market without the crap gurus usually sell.

That is not the purpose it will just be a place to learn the basics and bounce ideas off some of the guys on here. Tried to post it before. Really good to see someone destroying the nonsense that is currently happening in this particular niche. Yes, Mike anyone you hear saying they day trade forex for big bucks is lying. My trades in fx take sometimes weeks, months or years to come to fruition.

As for losing money with brokers, I have always stuck with the highly reviewed ones so never got money stolen. I know there are a lot of guys who have great information to share and we could bounce ideas off each other. James, I am all for setting up some type of chat. As you said this is not the venue for that. Full disclosure, I have never executed an FX trade in my life.

I am limited with that product. My background is in futures and equities. Unfortunately, I trade in a vacuum by myself with some contact with industry pros I met over the years. At the very least I have been looking forward to discussing trading with like minded individuals.

I have been in some rooms which I will never do again and most forums are compromised. Until I found this site, I basically stayed away from everything else. Indeed Emmett needs to add a PM feature other wise you will have some of the nuts at this site emailing you including me. Maybe passionate about con men getting their day in federal prison. I am passionate about that too. Seriously Emmett, how possible to add a PM feature?

The shills can be relentless because the truth is spoken and they have vested interest in the continuation of their sham sites. I will send you an email shortly. A pm feature would be perfect here. Are you having a laugh? Enough said. Tell me which broker is not a bucket shop most are designed to steal money from the uninitiated.

I just notice this comment regarding Icmarkets got so many up votes. It is unusual for anything at this site to get so many up votes. The only reason I posted that list is that a lot of brokers are decent on there e. It also gives me a chance to see the discrepancies between broker data and trading view data which is a huge plus.

Just to clear up the Ic markets comment. Just odd that Daithi comments calling most of those Forex Brokers bucket shops, which is true got thumbs down and mentioning Icmarkets gets lots of thumbs up. Maybe there are a lot of Aussies supporting an Aussie Company. Does icmarkets allow U. S traders on forex back in , many foreign fx brokers stopped accepting U. I had mentioned an old member of the beachforum who reported losing 50k to zulutrade in an old post.

The mt4 fx fad seemed more of a international thing rather than spearheaded by the U. Oanda or IB is your best bet and also traders way. I too would like to get out of these retail brokers and avoid second-hand liquidity. It is far from that it is very difficult learning from scratch, backtesting and then putting those strategies into a real time environment.

To trade stocks or forex, options the right way requires a real amount of money and a thorough understanding of how the economy works. I think the min deposit with IB is around ,oanda is much less and oanda is reliable seen a lot of decent traders using it.

Those are the only brokers I know that accept us and are legit. Us Clients Really have it tough but there are good options still. But prior to if one wants to take a long term perspective they can derive a bias from extensive sec fillings reading. I have used Mt4 and unless it has dramatically improved it was a bit of a Mickey Mouse platform used to trade Forex. It is not comparable to Ninja, Multicharts, or Sierra. This comment is very disturbing as it is along the lines of what Con Artist Day TR tell their victims.

The fact is there is a long history of the term bucket shop and Forex Bucket Shops. I could sends lots of links to back this up, but here is one from babypips. Also there is a reason that there are so few Forex brokers in the US, as are regulations are much more strict.

Maybe Australia does a good job of regulating its Forex Brokers, but in a million years I would not put my money into most Forex Brokers I have seen. These foreign brokers encourage suckers to use to 1 leverage so they can blow their account.

Trading Forex using to 1 leverage with a min. But you can look at forex peace army and a lot of other sites to see some of the reviews about the broker and then move from there. The whole premise of my later statements was that do you really think someone new should drop k into an account and try to trade?

Yes, there are bucket shops but I notice no one has mentioned besides IB what they consider to be a good broker. Not here to bash anyone or just as I said to learn and bounce ideas off of each other. Ask any real forex trader and I guarantee mt4 is their favorite platform, we are pissed right now that brokers are making a huge push to their mt5 which is at the moment not as fluid as mt4.

The real part of trading is developing a basis as I said based on whether the market is bear or bull via macro and economic indicators i. Again not selling anything just giving my opinion based on my experience I was never scammed by brokers but forex gurus took me for a run. My advice for new guys is a focus in your early months or years on fundamentals then develop a decent technical system. As for my last statement on brokers if you want to go the safest route as a Us trader save as much money as you can and go to Ib.

I guess that is better than nothing, but I am not sure that will really tell you if a Forex Broker is really financially stable. As far as MT4 platform goes it seems it is basically the only platform that Forex Brokers offer so by default most Forex Traders use it. From what I have hear, so yes this is hearsay so do your own research, I think MT basically gives these brokers a turnkey operation with both backend and frontend from MT4.

IMHO the Forex market and its brokers, including white labeled brokers is one of the most if not the most dangerous to your finances, market to have your money in. I am not using IB for fun when it come to Forex. I would just advice everyone to really study up on Forex and really do your research before handing over any of your money to a loosely regulated Forex Broker or Kiss it Goodbye.

I have just too many horror stories about Forex Brokers. Heck they make MF Global look like a Saint. Maybe James has found some good ones, but a fool and his money are soon departed so be cautious when it comes to Forex. Well said RobB, I agree with all your points because I have pretty much the same thoughts. As usual you laid those points out far better in debate than I could ever say.

Referring to your last two posts about forex bucket brokers and MT4, indeed MT is so tied to these swarmy brokers especially in the EA advertising. For sure, MT4 is particularly clunky, the basic charting resolution , stretching, panning is very subpar with limited time frame selection where the only way to add different type bars is 3rd party products or extra coding.

The entry order system is so clunky compared to most other modern platforms and there is no easy way to point and click on orders. And the windows are like looking at low rez green CRT monitors on default. We are only literally covering a small piece of the iceberg leading to the whole mt4 related cessworld of snakeoil vendors.

My past experience I got duped and blew a tiny account on zulutrade, and did mostly sim testing on various mt4 brokers with many offering free sim accounts often for a period, where I would prefer to enter trades on thinkorswim. Then finally giving it up and moving on to currency and index futures with ninja and a futures broker.

Exactly, RobB, there used to be more of these fx brokers in the U. Thanks, rob and dtchurn for your insightful experiences they both added to this post. Also, does anyone remember when etrade also offered forex? Admittedly, I have very little experience with etrade. I went with TOS instead because I was interested in options after having heard about it mntioned on the web and heard one of the scam radio commercials during the commute after work.

A glance at the old news about etrade shows they partnered with FXCM around the time when many other formerly prominent bucket brokers had been exposed or were booted out of the U. So now back in February of this year, it seems to be only until then that more grievous shenanigans of FXCM were exposed and perhaps they were just better at hiding their stink similar to how some sham vendors are able to do so to continue their shilling support infrastructure.

So I would think etrade had to drop their FXCM forex product support and now they are left in a quandary about what to do about forex or perhaps not offer it at all. Not to mention it seems there have been news about major etrade management shakeup and in my general perception they never seemed as popular as TDA or IB or even tradestation for serious retail traders.

I forgot to even mention myfxbooks. It is the main way these Forex TR operators are able to scam folks by showing their fake amazing results. This point is so critical anyone thinking about joining a TR based on its myfxbooks results needs to read the following article by Emmett and comments regarding how these con artist set up a white label Forex brokerage for only a few thousands dollars, then plug it directly into MyFxBook.

There is another link I should have included about White Label Forex Brokerage that speaks volumes about this industry. IMHO, there is no such thing as a forex broker who is not a bucket shop, or bordering on one. Take my experience with one of the so-called reputable US-licensed brokers, forex. In the bad old days, I took one of their trials. Being in those early days with my heads in the clouds, I had leveraged that trial account to the max, and refused to take any losses, because at the time, in typical dreamer fashion, I would rather be right than be stopped out.

Long story short, I blew out the trial account, as I now know is only to be expected with that kind of leverage in the hands of an ignoramus dreamer. After the trial was over, someone from forex. I told him, that the trial had proven to me that I was too stupid to be able to trade, and I asked him why would I put my money into what I had proven that I could not trade, even when the money was not real, and I had no emotions attached to the outcomes.

I suppose that we can all see that I was by now in the beginning stages of coming off the Kool-Aid? I am sure those who are no longer on the Kool-Aid know what he said next, but I will give you one guess. Just unfortunately for him, he never got my money. He was unfortunate to catch me when I had already come off the Kool-Aid. Still, the point is that he knew that I could not trade, but he still was trying to convince me to give his brokerage the money that he thought he could get out of a newbie.

That is the definition of a bucket shop. That is a big red flag brokers should not but solicit customers never happened to me but these forex gurus are doing the recruiting work for them. Damn, James is a genius. IMHO got his first sucker. Jenny when I see 1 red flag it might be a fluke and means nothing, but when I see a series of red flags it becomes the straw that breaks the camel back.

My advice to you is be wise and do not give any money to James. James IMHO writes posts like someone with an ulterior motives. Be Cautious or Be the Goat. And remember the Devil rarely wears horns and carries a pitch fork and remember this industry is full of con artist. Red Flags:. This can only occur if the person is motivated enough, my guess vendor associated, to up vote his own post,. In fact I cannot see any unaffiliated poster posting some of the comments he has made,.

Give me a break anyone that has used it knows it is a Mickey Mouse platform and it is used as it provides a turnkey operation for these badly regulated Forex Broker, which has been explained in other post. I am sure in this quick reply I am leaving out some red flags that I will remember later.

Jenny, I highly suggestion you do some serious researching before investing a dime in Forex. There is a reason there is virtually no Forex Broker in the US. Read the links I sent including how these con artist set up a white label Forex Broker and scam you out of your money. Also remember he has never been reviewed by Emmett or shown any proof what so ever he can trade profitable. Everything is self-claimed. Maybe I am wrong, but if I am right and I usually am regarding these things yes arrogant some will say you have nothing to lose by being cautious with your dealing with him.

He reminds me of certain folks over at BMT that use to get people to PM them and sucker them into paying for training. And at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, I find it odd that someone that sent James an email would then need to post it here. This too could be a James plot to get folks to email him. Again if I am wrong you have nothing to lose, but I have seen this scam so many times over at BMT and other sites.

Be Careful!!!!! I have been visiting the forum earnestly for many months but no post had caught my attention to my comments or post. In light of the amount of attention being given towards creating a group, I would like to ask Mike and Rob to give it consideration considering the amount of experience they have in various facets of the markets and different market environments.

It will definitely be something where information can be shared in a more efficient and educational manner. As traders stagnation will be the bane of our existence, I believe it is wise to diversify trading knowledge and was hoping to learn from some of the guys on here. I will try and post as much information to starting learning forex as possible on here this is my 9th year just absorbing the markets and trying to learn more. It is very difficult and is not for everyone, emotions are so easily influenced, confidence is shattered, anger is once emotion I felt in my early days because I was literally studying charts night and night with no progress and lost money.

What you really are trying to grasp or attain is the ability to predict based on the information that is posted every month or quarter by a country how well the country is doing and how well will it do. If we ever create a group I will share them for free. What makes up the GDP? How do they make money? What are the current interest rates? Does the country plan to raise interests?

How is their stock market doing, Is it in a bull or bear market? These are just a few of the many questions I ask myself. The problem with signals and rooms is that predicting where the market goes takes years, you need to know your strategy like you know your self.

This will give you better ideas and the more calculating and precise you are the better. On the chart, there is the 12 ema the 21 ema,30 ema,40 ema,60 ema, the 80 ema along with a 2. Notice the time frame I stick to the higher time frames because those are where bigger moves will happen over longer periods of time.

I sometimes take smaller time frame entries at key areas as it helps reduce the drawdowns associated with this timeframe. Mastering supply and demand is difficult the only way to speed up the learning process is to find a good supply and demand mt4 indicator backtest, watch how price reacts to those areas, start drawing your own areas and keep practicing.

I was thought to use them personally by a mentor and they are part of my everyday trading life. I have a massive amount for Rob and dtchurn who have been like pit bulls not just on this particular post but on all other. I only hope to learn from others and continue to make a living from trading. The only way to true freedom being solely a trader is to become adaptable to what has liquidity and what is able to be sufficiently traded with your strategy.

Adaptation comes from the mind being constantly fluid and understanding that no one knows everything. Even though I said the emails have become a problem as I had hoped only mike would send one and we would work together from there a lot of other guys are asking about chat rooms. Please excuse any grammatical errors in this post I was typing it out from my phone and will be happy to clear up any misunderstandings.

James you might very well be legit, but this industry is full of corruption. And Forex Brokers and TR operators are some of the biggest scam artist out there and when someone states how Trading Forex is the best thing since Apple Pie yes some hyperbole there I get suspicious. But then when they put out an email address to contact them I get even more suspicious.

And on top of that you get Jenny posting:. Learn from you based on what? No evidence has been presented that James can trade profitable. I mean have people learned nothing from this site. Seriously some brand new poster comes along and talks about Forex trading and folks are emailing him to learn from him. And then people wonder why they are so easily scammed. My guess is most of the folks emailing should in no way be trading Forex.

As far as a group goes, I personally see no value. You cannot trade as a group. I talk individual to investors about general ideas. If there was a PM feature on this blog the folks I would be PMing would not be a new poster, but someone with a history of posting that showed he understood this industry and investing; folks like DTChurn, Stray Dog, Cyn and so forth.

Will have to tell these guys no group. It would be weird starting one ran be because I wanted to learn from others and not to be full on teaching more so just of bouncing ideas off each other not to full on trade for each. James I warned you. If you are not attached to that email you may have to change it. Thanks for putting me on the pm list RobB, haha.

Yes, MikeM could absolutely belong on that list too. I mostly post here to voice my opinions on the reviews and have some revenge on the years of being scammed and duped by both the shamshow vendors, shilled review and scam sites, and the compromised forums and unchecked shilling that wasted so much of my time in trying to learn to trade and having some satisfaction in warning other readers hopefully helping them to decide to avoid these scum or gradually wake up shilled induced kool-aid.

I noticed the site you mentioned JamesM. Only because of the discussion did I bring it up because the fx ecocesslake is arguably far bigger than the ninja ecocesspool of sham to the detriment of many duped retailers of trading in the past. Moreno and the site could be put on the to-review list by Emmett with the usual emphasis on proof. I would try and teach supply and demand from scratch on here but I thought it was easier to post someone who has lots of free posts about it.

Dtchurn there are so many things I would like to see emett review right now he is just scratching the surface there is a huge crater of shit brewing in the forex industry ,I see it Daily if you have facebook search for a guy called Robert Halterman forex. I dont think I can post Facebook links on here :. I enjoy reading your experiences about the shams out there, keep them coming.

I look forward to posts from you and Rob B, especially when he is in attack mode. It just shows you the cesspool we are in. On the other hand, sometimes a new poster is not aware that he may look like a shill. We usually find out the truth eventually. Anyway, keep the stories coming about the becahforum. LOL classic. Intraday trading is where my risk tolerance is at. When I first left the bank I worked for, a group of us, supposedly smart guys, started a small fund.

Well let me tell you what is needed to run a decent size fund. It can be done, but you better be ready to position size and hedge correctly. You must eat, sleep, and drink your portfolio. My advice to someone that wants to quit their day job and trade full time would be degrees opposite of the what the TR tell you and what people want to hear. You better have enough saved to live 5 years off of. And on top of that have enough to trade expecting a realistic return and be able to make enough to live off plus taxes plus keep up with inflation.

Rob I can not disagree with anything you said. I quit a very attractive job that many others coveted. Call it hubris, ego, greed, and just poor decision making. I left with a bunch of guys that thought we were smarter than the brilliant fund managers that had all the capital in the world. Believe it or not, the profit was there because I still; had access to bank research, and contacts in the business running funds. The hardest part was convincing a group of guys to risk very small at first until we got our legs underneath us.

Of course not, young hot shots wanted to return astronomical numbers right off the bat. The disagreements among partners is what brought it down. If anyone wants to quit there job just read what Rob posted. You better be proven in all types of markets. As one said before, it can become a nightmare very quickly. BTW, I left because the advent automation was apparent. Hopefully, someone reads these stories and plans their trading careers properly.

That sounds like an amazing experience starting your own small fund MikeM. I was never in the finance field, although I took extra classes later in accounting. Where I tried out sim mostly in tos paper and tried to hedge with options like those clowns would do in their shamshows. After they kept glossing over their losers, I gave up in disgust and went back to the intraday churn. I was better able to pick a stock looking at the balance sheet and comparing debt ratios.

Someday I would like to get back to attempting swing trading, but only if I had a real big account to play with. I think they must have some kind of psychotic or criminal denial that they are causing so much financial harm to their churned duped clients. Like everyone else , when I started I thought it was going to be a sure thing after three months like all the other dreamers.

Boy , was I duped, more like more than a few years and longer. As for another beachforum story, I think this is kind of related. One is a young guy who attempted his own fund just scalping on small tick charts on futures. Maybe RobB remembers that one too. I could go more into it. I had posted about both sometime earlier I think in the comments several reviews back.

One guy claiming in a single post to be very successful. Maybe some got tired of my fracas with the gollum, but hey, the troll kept coming back often using multiple alters. Anyone could pretend to be anyone else, especially those acting as shills and not have to stick to a single id.

First I have to argue with you. Calling that chump Gollum is an insult to Gollum. Gollum had a purpose, Dtchum has no purpose. He is like toxic waste and only exits to be a willfully stupid ahole. I do have a story about put sellers though. I knew this trader and he even got an article published in some trading magazine about his strategy. I forget which one it was now. Anyway he sold far out of the money puts and just got a few cents but sold a lot with near term expiration.

And he did it on an sector like the retail sector. So Everything seemed so great then wam bam hit the Great Recession and the sector dropped like a rock in a very short period. You can guess how that movie ended. Dtchurn When posting long blocks of writing please Indent your paragraphs or skip lines it makes it more palatable to the eyes. May I also inquire what market do you trade it seems like you have been bouncing around for quite some time?

I was just enquiring as to what you like to trade but I do apologize for my comment prior to the question but it becomes very difficult to differentiate which paragraph I was reading after those long paragraphs which we have all posted most adamantly on this post. It was not in any way a means of provocation but a misplaced line of what I thought to be advice. I never demanded proof, Rob politely informed me that I should prove I was a real trader which I eminently reciprocated to him in a similar gesture but not as a demand nor as a suggestion.

I have nothing but the utter most respect for the guys on this forum and I humbly apologize for my most misplaced question and comment. Ok, then, no problem. More than half of the time I sense its taken over by gollum as another alter. So many post since my last post I will just respond here to the main issues. First you are definitely on the list, I did say and so forth. As I said you might be legit.

I just told people to be cautious and the reasons why I stated to be cautious, but the part that saddens me the most is how many people emailed you and how easy it would be for someone not legit then to try and scam these people. Stop and Think about want I am saying. You post here a few post, show no proof you can trade profitable and lots of people are emailing you to teach them to trade. If you are legit I think you will understand my point.

They are looking for the Holly Grail Trading Signal, when the ability to trade profitable has nothing to due with Trading Signal yes you need a reason to enter a trade, but it is not the main issue. The first question they need to ask is are they even properly funded to be trading and do they have realistic return and draw down expectations?? And I have a feeling most do not. That would be my first question to any would be trader and that is why I would get Zero response if I put out my email.

In fact I have posted my Holly Grails of trading throughout this site and none of my HGs have to do with trade signal. They start with those first 2 question I stated above. And James I should add I actually put out my brokerage statements once to a shill I was arguing with and just like you putting out your email it was a mistake for me to put out my statement.

It turned into an insane argument with an idiotic shill. I have also offered on numerous occasions to show my brokerage statements to Emmett if he first gave a special label to verified profitable traders so when I argue with shills I can say I was verified and gave me a page to actually talk about real world trading. My trading will not show fantasy returns and frankly I have been more busy recently with my real estate investing as once again we are in boom times than stock trading.

And the first thing my thread would say right up front is the difference in the fantasy world and the real world of trading. No one looking at day trading want to hear about that. Rob I know it may seem like I agree with everything you say, but you just seem to have the energy and ability to state the important points. It takes years of dedication to become profitable.

No one from the internet will teach you how to trade correctly. I just told people to be cautious and the reasons why I stated to be cautious about your claims. You ignorance literally has no limits. As I said it was a mistake and you want me to give a link. I would guess if you search hard enough you can find it.

At this point the only person I would show my brokerage statement to is Emmett if he agrees to do as I have asked. You can not argue with an idiott. I really have to work on not responding to your silly post. As usual you are just be willfully stupid. As far as Rob, he put out a link with his statements a while ago which is more than anyone else I read on here.

Moreover, everyday their seems to be someone else looking to steal from regular people. Rob never endorses a premium site. He talks about trading concepts and free ways to gather information. You are entitled to your opinion. It may seem as if he has a lot to say, but most are stated in facts. Just my 2 cents worth. Is this an alter ego kind of thing or are you mocking him?

Enough with you Rob B, I say. We like more than Just shut up. Once again, yes, if you are reading this and are clueless, and think that I am excoriating Rob, go and read a lexicon. This is called sarcasm. I have nothing to prove. If I had people paying me to learn I would provide proof but all I stated in all statements prior to this was what worked for me.

By your logic we should also stop listening to you unless you substantiate your claims with receipts, broker records, and tax returns, You have been here as long as anyone but Can you send me a link to the one time you have proven you can trade and the same can be said about me or dtchurn or anyone on here.

What would be useful here is if we could get a few more forex traders involved and find out their thoughts. The only reason as I said I came on here was to share my experiences and build connections with guys who claim to have experience and know how the industry works. Maybe you have been oblivious to the intricacies to off my post but what I mentioned before charts or even getting on the broker platform is understand how the economy works.

If someone can realistically fathom the way the economy works then guess what they can trade stocks, bonds , options etc. Again I have not said anything about selling anything or teaching anyone but I placed my email out there to get in contact with the legends of this forum and just hear their thoughts in a more satiable fashion.

I have nothing to prove and have put out some of what I put out is the foundation and will take many months to even years to grasp the full rationale of your own strategy. Rob, please know it was a great privilege to pander relentlessly back and forth with one of the forum greats.

Please continue the great work you do on here as someday I may be trying to purchase a program to expand my knowledge and see your most fervent chants here or over the internet. A background in the Marine Corp instilled a discipline that Jason could use to his advantage in trading financial markets.

Jason admits that he was average among his group at the Marine Corp but he was willing to work longer, harder and faster than anybody else to be successful. Click To Tweet. Podcast: Play in new window Download. Play in New Window Download. People will drag you down. Be exceptional at what you do. Frank Conway is founder of Economic Rockstar and lecturer of economics, finance and statistics.

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The Dragon Pattern Forex Trading System - Forex Strategies - Forex Resources Jason Stapleton uses a similar pattern called "". In this epic online event Jason Stapleton shares many valuable insights into what it takes to become a successful trader. Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around Jason Stapleton, just to name a few and have failed.