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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

Infinite prosperity forex review forum forex ladder

Infinite prosperity forex review forum

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A break-even so to speak. Top Dog Trading offers 2 foundations courses which can be bought separately or together as a set of 2. The Top Dog Trading system is designed for those traders that love to stare at the screens for hours, watching the markets, and patiently waiting for that perfect setup. The course material is of good quality, with in-depth manuals and good quality videos. The drawback is the absence of live strategy demonstration or free live trading rooms.

Therefore the Top Dog courses are overpriced. Smart Forex Learning teaches one swing trading strategy , which is based on trend reversals. The Good about Smart Forex Learning is the enthusiastic and dedicated Forex educator who is eager to answer questions quickly. The weekly watchlist and the Slack forum were also useful. Drawback is that the strategy is a bit too discretionary. Results below show the system was profitable. Full Smart Forex Learning Review. It is in fact not a course, but a YouTube Channel, with new videos posted every weekend.

JannaFX teaches a break-out-trading strategy on the hourly chart, and it is based on pure price action. So no indicators. The system is very easy to trade and to learn, and for that reason it is a very good starter strategy for Forex newbies. The good thing of the strategy is the high strike rate. Drawback is the very bad reward to risk ratio.

One loser may wipe out the profit of winners. The results of the test are shown below. After months of slow and steady account growth, all profit was wiped away again. Full JannaFX Review. I am now a business man, but I think my experience as a engineer is a big credit has it teaches you how to identify and solve problems. The funny thing is I knew so many that came to work for the company that I worked for a long time ago and they did not have that sheepskin and due to that they could not get the promotions and raises they wanted even though they knew more than some of the engineers.

So you wanted parents that said, hey go out and wing it and forget about college? But want concerns me most is this is a site about day trading, which is scam industry. I sure hope you are not telling people they should quit college to become a day trader. Yea I know exactly what the success rate of that advice will be. Good point. It would be ludicrous to suggest a young person fresh out of highschool or even in college age years whether graduated or still in college should be encouraged to ditch all other aspirations and try to go into daytrading.

As this site has proven over and over again, practically all of these vendors have stopped trading live once they got a business going with a monthly churn of fees from newbs. A handful have shown some live proof yet they can not really trade for a living and have to run a churn site as a breakeven live trader which may be of value to newbs starting out live without losing their shirt. If there are any trading the dream it would be like making it to nba all stars i. If they choose to be a sham site, so be it, but the TS movement will call them out.

Hey there, long time infinite prosperity student here! I came across infinite prosperity almost 4 years ago when they were much smaller. For a few months I followed Lewis and Amy online and eventually bought their course. At the time of buying, I was 17, so I was only able to trade a demo account until I turned You can follow him yourself on snapchat at loopylitez if you want, he responds to almost all personal messages. Business must be bad, the shills are back. I wonder how Amy and Lewis could stop people like Emmett calling them out on their bullsh t?

If only there were some way to prove that they were legit and Emmett got it wrong? How about verified brokerage statements from them or from one of their shills. That would do it! Good catch Stray. Indeed looks like these shills sneaked in while we were all needlessly distracted by mr. Maybe Gordon-Ray Freeman was their guest mentor of shamming honor.

Once President Trump and the CFTC read enough letters of complaint about charlatans like Infinite-Prosperity and Br—ks, widespread regulatory action will put these crooks out of business so fast your head will spin. Yeah the Don and I are going to talk about it this weekend while eating tic tacs and petting kittens.

You think Trump gives a rip about this stuff? Pete have a look at this site. I am an fx trader myself, coached by Amy and Lewis and the rest of the IP team. I can tell you that I was extremely suspicious to begin with. The course, the mentors and the overall value of the course free, silver, gold and platinum membership is actually very good.

So with Infinite Prosperity, I was pleasantly surprised with the exceptional quality. I am now a Platinum member and on my way to becoming a full time daytrader and I can absolutely advise anyone wanting to become a trader to give Infinite Prosperity a try! I knew from day 1 that Amy, Lewis and Robert were charlatans. In fact I confronted Amy on-line about this when they launched and she did not refute. Institutions make money by taking a few bips out of client trades, with each executed trade matched by a counterparty.

Thanks IP for giving me the knowlege and the foundation. All I have ever asked from Benny and Amy is to post live trading account statements so that the world can witness the truth. But they refuse. Kevin at WatchHimTrade. So does Alex Soares. And so do many others…. Dustin, I am sure you are a nice young man. And I hope that things work out for you.

Best of luck with your trading. Very nice guy. He sent me his last 3 years account statements. I hope that readers enjoy it. Finding verified traders that are willing to be transparent is what I am all about. If it is Rob Booker and his ridiculous indicators one after the next like the Knoxville Indicator, I will lose all respect for you.

The same old BS as before. Yea I bet. Instead of motherhood statement it would be nice if these shills would actually state facts. Exactly what did Emmett say that was in error? Emmett says IP refuses to show any proof what so ever they trade profitably. Do you have evidence to the contrary. Present it. Do you have proof Amy bought that Lamborghini from her Forex profits?

This post is so obviously fake, I will not say much. You know what I might do if I get some free time is write an actual believable shill post so you guys at least can put together a thoughtful response. And I will even give you a little hint, even people who like a room still have some negative factors they will present along with the good factors and those negative factors are not things like he is grumpy that is a shill negative factor.

In the mean time I am going to help you out here. Now that to me is a real person posting his experience in the room. Learn something from that!!!!! I am still mystified how they get all those people to appear like successful students. Is it just a bunch of friends? I signed up with IP at Gold Level in December and went through all their 10 course and 3 strategy lessons as quickly as I could manage.

Personally, I found it decent value for all the content provided and it was fairly straight forward information. I could probably find most of this somewhere online and struggle my way through, but the course has at least made it a lot easier for me than digging around online or in books. I also went live and signed up for the optional extra Active Trader monthly subscription which has further improved my understanding.

Ultimately what I have found is that IP gives a pretty reasonable foundation to trading, from which you can build your own skills. That said, it is not all easy information to understand and you will have to put in a fair amount of effort. You will even have to consider the reality that you are going to make losses and may not become successful even after using the course. I certainly feel one issue is that even if they show their account statements there is no reliable way to say that the results they achieve are entirely attributable to the strategies taught or discussed in the course.

For instance, they actually teach the concept of confluences which essentially means you may have to bring in factors that are not evident to all and where one person sees a great trade another may see that being too risky. This said, it would certainly be nice for all if Amy and Lewis did share some account history so the skeptics can be satisfied.

I would tend to suspect that a good part of their lifestyle income may flow from sales of the courses and commissions from accounts their students establish with FXCM, but even if they make just a modest amount trading, it would certainly help them to meet some living costs and buy a few nice things too. I have met other IP students at a local meetup who were very happy with their results and pleased with the course and all else IP has to offer. What they will do however is give you a decent foundation and allow you to decide if this is an activity you want to pursue.

You just might even make a connection with some others on the same journey and really enjoy all on offer. I hope this does help some readers and maybe someday we can see the rating for IP here being adjusted to something less harsh than it is right now. As a trading system for me right now it probably is a One or Two Star program.

If you really wanted, I expect you can even Snapchat Lewis loopylitez or Amy amys53 with any questions and they might reply back to you. Did you find this review helpful? Yes 1 No 1. Thanks for the comment! Well thought out, and well written.

Hope to read more of your comments in the future. Smirking Sykes should have been in that ball. Yes No. The argument of their strategies being freely available out there is not an argument at all. So again that argument is idiotic. As to the criminal past of the reviewer that is not an argument as well.

It only proves that he is willing to do illegal things to make money. That, to me says it all. Not only that but you did not buy the course. That is even worse. It is that simple. If you fail is that proof the method does not work. They can just say you did not study long enough and put in the time or you did not apply it properly and so forth. I am curious do you have any requirement before buying a trading education course?

I have some swamp, I mean land in Florida you can build a nice home on for a great price. As you say you do not need to do any investigation of facts, just buy it and see how it goes and if it does not work I am sure I will give you a full refund. Also think those Madoff investors are waiting to get their money back. Heck if you got money to throw away then go for it, but the chances of you becoming a profitable trader off their education I am pretty sure is ZERO.

I can only say if I am going to buy an investment course I want to buy it from someone that has been successful at investing, not selling trading education. But to each their own. I hope you open a blog and let us know how it goes. This site is a load of rubbish! Who would pay a retail trader any money to teach them the art of trading. Thats absurd! No they are not 2 Have they ever worked in the investment division of a bank? No they have not! Yes they do 4 Did Amy buy a Lamborghini at the age of 22?

Her now diseased boyfriends father owned a supercar yard. Yes the car was put in her name. Did money change hands i really doubt it. Unfortunately the only truth to come from these two is the fact that her boyfriend did in fact pass away. I will leave that for you to figure out whether its true or not. They teach price action, rename other strategies Hyper trading etc to try and inflate the profile of something big.

Its utter rubbish. You can learn more from Investopedia. Pretty easy to do a family check, and the registered person is actually family. Did you see this Emmett, RobB? Good luck thinking they will still teach anything useful. Why do they still need to vend a site and services? They are just selling tradeucation to show something for the investments from their parents.

So if Amy is 22 so it would have to be she only traded a few years to make millions to buy that house and car, then the plants on this board say it takes a lot of time and effort to learn? It would have been better served as a sister or redirect link to tradingschools. Because there are so many easy to implement tricks to scam the audience. I recall reading a confession post on BMT or elite years ago where a former failed vendor who was probably a failed trader before that, admitted the temptation to just take subscriber money is overwhelming once the business gets started.

So the confessing vendor said it was all too easy to show sim results or if one could get away with it and was a good enough salesman, not show and sim results at all. They have to get a live account, different from their deal sim setup platforms they have from affiliate brokers or their servers are tied up with click and tracking traffic. So no wonder a vendor Kavan?

It turned out after the site was restored they forgot about and ignored the requests to show live results after that. Jay, from the argument you make and how you never address any of the facts presented by Emmett, other posters and myself, it is my conclusion there is no way you are some unaffiliated student. No unaffiliated person would make the kind or arguments you are making which basically is send in your money and just believe in the fantasy and for goodness sake do not ask for any proof.

Again and again your argument is just trust me, it is true with no proof. Same words Madoff or any scammer would use. Jay, I tell you want, I am going to help you out. Now I should not do this as it goes against my sworn oath, but I am going to let you in on a secret. I just got back from Con Artist Convention, where you learn to be the best con artist you can be. They teach the latest and most profitable scams.

Now before I open my Scam Trading Room I would like to get your input on where you think people would get hooked on the scam. I recorded the lecture and below are the slides, some of the question from the audience, and the con artist answer. Plus I have some questions for you to answer. Your answers will really help me create the best Trading Room Scam I can create. TRS BM Slide 1 Open a website showing the jet set lifestyle your suckers will be living after buying your unproven education package.

Have pictures of yourself next to a jet and models and at your beach house. Have an attractive 22 year old attractive lady in a Lamborghini she bought with all her profits she is making from trading. Note1: I am not including the jet set lifestyle pictures shown on the slide but I swear one of the ladies looked like Amy. Q1 to Jay — Jay is this where you jump in and buy and tell other to buy the course?

Because at Con U they refer to the people that buy at this point as the Big Fish. These are dumbest of the dumb. TRS BM Slide 2 Create a bunch of alias along with getting some family and friends to go to Investo scam you and post glowing review they are referred to as shills. Even go to Emmett site and every other site and post glowing reviews. Talk about how the trading room turned your trading around and how it has helped you so much. Talk about how others are retiring after learning the unproven trading method you are selling.

Talk about all your master student who are now full time trades who are trading from the beach and how you they loving life and have no more worries about not being able to pay their bills. They just send you money. It is like taking candy from a baby. Q2 to Jay — Jay after you read those fake post is this where you sign up and sent in your money to IP??

And tell the other members once they buy your education package they too will have seen that trade. Also here is where you have to sound like your care and you must sound sincere. Tell them how you were a loser trader for 10 years until you figured it out and now like Mother Teresa you feel compelled to share your good fortune with others and teach them how to trade profitably.

Show symphony for whatever their hard luck story is. This will be tough to act like you care to these suckers, but the better you are at it the more money you can scam them out of. And remember scamming them out of money is the only goal. Answer from the Con Artist Speaker — It is unbelievable, but again, they do not ask for any proof.

It is FREE and the best advertisement ever. Here is what you do. Pull up a chart and find where price exploded up. Go backwards on the chart and apply some basic trading logic and tell the suckers how you are buying at the point right before the move up. Heck even thrown in some Sim trades where you made some big bucks.

And talk about how after they buy your course they too will see the pattern and be making these big winning trades. Question from the Audience — Wont they see this is all hindsight analysis and Sim which is completely meaningless. Answer from the Con Artist Speaker — They do not care. Remember you are not selling reality. You are selling a fantasy. Truth and Proof you can actually trade profitably does not matter.

In fact one of my best shills named Jay is posting on Emmett as I speak telling people proof does not matter and just trust him. Q4 to Jay — Jay, I know you have to join in at this point. Is this where you sign up and send in your money? Question from the Audience — Wont anyone ask for some proof you actually took these trades or that they were not sim trades with no slippage shown. Answer from the Con Artist Speaker — I keep telling you no one ask for proof.

I know it is hard to believe but they are. Q4 to Jay — Man, I am sure you are buying a trading education package after seeing all the unproven fake results. Is this where you buy? The above Business Model is what It is easy. But here is what the con man cannot do; Show any Proof of Profitable Trading. That is the only thing that really counts, yet Jay just refuses to address that fact. Setting up a trading room is easy, but actually trading profitable is hard. It is one thing to talk about trading it is another thing to take live trades with slippage and actual be able to consistently produce a profit over time.

You find a person that shows proof of profitably trading, let me know and I will join. I am just curious Jay, if IP made the following honest statement would you still say buy their educational package. But neither we nor any of our students have ever been able to figure out how to trade the method we sell profitably. Therefore we can not show any proof of profitable trading.

But heck you might be the first to do it. Good Luck!! Jay, if you still do not get it, you are beyond my help. And to sound like Trump I think you should be castrated and not allowed to reproduce. We already have enough idiots in this world. Wow dude!!! Over words all for my benefit?!?!?! Your post is interesting, so I will address it bit by bit noting that you failed to do so with my post , in the interests of anybody who happens to stumble upon this waste of cyberspace:.

Slide 1 — marketing I did some digging, had some doubt, but then eventually signed up to see what it was all about. Does anyone ask for proof? Generally, people in the community post screen shots of their closed positions from their broker window, after closing trades that they learnt via IP. This happens quite a lot actually. You could do it right now, and maybe you would have something material to review and complain about.

But anyway….. And that they are teaching trading logic? If so, where is the problem? Slide 5 — you talk about slippage, which is odd. Are you under the impression that IP is about stock trading? Or that they teach some sort of low R:R scalping with massive exposure?

The proof is, as they say, in the pudding. I have personal contact with a few of the successful traders within IP, and they are enjoying their escape from the I agree, we have enough idiots in this world. Chief among them would be those who think they can offer help to people from a position of complete lack. To close, and putting the issue to rest: There are a bunch of successful traders in the community, and no two trade exactly the same way.

This is why I asked those questions in my previous post. Seriously, if you can answer the questions in my last post, there will literally be nothing missing from your understanding of this issue, other than that caused by your wilful ignorance. Once again just mother hood statements of success but no proof. If you are doing so well then show proof of profitable trading. For Goodness sake wake up and smell the coffee or whatever you must be drinking. As I have repeatedly said you could make the same argument to defend Madoff or Barry Burns or any other con artist scamming people.

BTW all instrument even Forex have bid ask spread. If you believe Amy bought that Lamborghini with here trading profits there is no help for you. How can I intelligently argue with someone that refuse to show any proof they can trade profitable and tells people to buy an education package from people that show no evidence they can trade the method they sell profitably. As I stated I saw no live trading what so ever in those videos. I know this will be a shock to you, but a lot of vendors will even replay and take trades to sucker in people.

Even though I doubt any club member shows any live trading profits as you self-proclaim, you need to see a history of all trades. I can show you a single profitable trade but that does not show proof I am a profitable trader. The questions you asked brought no evidence to the fact IP could trade profitable so what would be the point of answering those questions?

Question like whether trading is mostly mental and questions of that nature has nothing to do with whether IP can trade the method they sell profitably. Seriously it does not even bother you the person you bought the education package can show no evidence of profitable trading what so ever. Damn that Kook-Aid must taste good.

I really have got to sell you some wonderful real estate in Florida I own. Trust me it is a bargain. I will get some shills to say how much money they have made off buying real estate from me. As I pointed out any con artist can start a trading room. That is easy. If you want to buy education from people that can not even show any evidence they can trade profitably, what can I say. Good Luck with that.

Come back and let us know how that goes. Maybe some day you will show us proof of that profitable trading, but I seriously doubt it, because it is not going to happen from IP trading education. But seriously report back in 3 or 6 months. Lastly I guess I am old. Every Jay I have known was a boy. Maybe it is short for something or Jay is a girls name now.

Emmett, seriously I do not know how you deal with people like this everyday. It is like talking to a wall. Jay is clearly a shill or the most naive human being on the planet. Can someone truly believe so naive they think there are no con artist in this business and trust people who show absolutely no proof they can trade profitably. I will now have a talk with my cat for more intelligent conversation.

Hopefully someone else can talk to Jay. Umm…I would like to interject a thought into this debate! Jay, listen I want you to know that I respect your opinion. However, what I find egregious about Infinite Prosperity is a complete and total lack of transparency. Repeatedly, I have offered to the IP persons the opportunity to have a new review written. I have only asked for only the most minimal amount of proof that any of these people have ever traded successfully. They cannot. I have only asked for 3 consecutive months of statements…but nobody at this organization can produce this.

Is proof of success a litmus test? In my opinion, it is. I have verified the trading performance of several trading educators by having them show me redacted statements. For them, its not a big deal because they truly want people to know how well they trade. And their commitment to openness and transparency has rewarded them with a flood of traffic and individuals that have eagerly purchased their educational products. You are a consumer of trading products, and I am sure that you want to experience success.

I can only suggest that you focus your efforts on methods that have a proven track record of success. With all due respect, you might have set your bar a little too low. I hope that you make your dreams come true. And I hope that at some point, you can come back and draft your own blog post to the trading community on your personal journey. This is just sad.. Sign up and see for yourself. I am signed up and have been since Jan Now here comes the..

So no, I am not a millionaire, but with investing more and a compounding effect of my account, it sure as hell can be enough to live off. Maybe your tiny brain can somehow understand that not everything is a scam. Really Stray Dog? Seems like a sure sign that you have no tangible argument, I would suggest you turn around with your tail between you legs and sit this one out. You people never seem to stop to amaze me.

Man how easy it is too cherry pick a chart and mark it up in hindsight. If day trading was that easy everyone would be making money. I can show you every type of divergence including hidden divergence. But actually placing a trade and making money is another story. You sound like a typical shill, promoting fantasy and yet once again can show no proof.

But if you are not a shill I add the following quote,. I just hope people see the pattern. Bragging about big returns yet never ever ever can show proof. As Stray Dog said how hard would it be for you to show some proof.

Do not be like those monkeys, I do not want to see any proof, I do not want to hear any proof and I do not want to speak any proof. I have no proof. I would show you my brokerage statements but my dumb dog eat them. Dumb Dog Darn it!!!!! Anyway I am running a discount Today and Today only. Send the money Western Union. I am sure after my posting all my shills, sorry I mean real live students will give glowing testimonials on how successful they are.

Again they will not be able to show any proof, because my dog also eat their brokerage statements, Darn that dumb dog!!! Cash accepted. Thank you in advance, Rob B. Lol… well sending you my statement would probably be a load of shit too, because you know what, I can just photoshop that, or modify the excel version. Look you clearly cannot be swayed no matter what I show you or try to say. I would believe you Daniel.

Its costs nothing. If you have a verifiable trading record, and willing to be transparent about your trading, then I have a lot of opportunities for you. BTW, I have tried on too many occasions to get the Infinite Prosperity people to prove any sort of success. The trading community deserves to know the truth.

They could do FXBook too. Plenty of ways to track performance. I know that a lot of your hopes and dreams are tied up tightly with the Infinite Properity group. Its OK and I respect that you are a true believer. I really hope it works out for you. My job is toquestion the validity of trading educators. We can agree to disagree. Best of luck! And much respect. Hey Emmett! I am reading all of this lovely back and forth as I stumbled upon IP and was wondering if it was a scam or not.

I would like to make a request however. Thank you. Hey Milo, I can answer questions for you if you are worried about it being a scam. Its not an easy journey but it does work if you commit to it. Its especially hard with fuckwits like the people here bringing you down. If you are looking for a quick easy money making scheme, this is not it. This reminds me of David Kuvelas. Then Kuvelas would make up another plant id to say , yes it works, i.

Another of their myriad tricks. I just find it amazing that these shills call people asking for actual proof fuckwits. I wonder if Madoff called the people that said something does not add up here fuckwits. Fine, here the most recent half of my FXCM broker report. To me that statement proves nothing, and nothing ever will.

There are plenty of successful and yes there are students who are doing worse and are in down draw at the moment and some that gave up. I guess all of the evidence you guys put forth is rock solid in comparison… so why should I bother. Continue to rant and call bullshit without any evidence, but anyone actually looking into it, try not to listen to these assholes.

Congrats Daniel! Thats great man. Really happy for you. Hardly anyone ever has the courage to post actual results. I dont understand why the Infinite Prosperity folks cannot be this open. There would be no arguments if they were as open as yourself. As you pointed out it is impossible to tell if that brokerage statement is real or not. It does not even have the brokerage firm name or symbol, or trade entries and exits shown, which is why I consistently state show a live brokerage statement.

Even though that can still be faked, it is much harder to do. That means going on Skype with Emmett and opening your brokerage account live. Assuming you are not part of the scam then answer this, Why will IP not show actual proof they can trade profitable and if IP is trading live then why would an honest trader selling education refuse to have the Robot run.

I can think of only one Real Answer they do not trade or they do not trade profitably. And one final question do you think people should buy trading education from someone that refuses to show any proof they can trade profitably? Would you hire a builder to build your home that refuses to show any proof he has ever built a home before?

Exactly what is your standard. I want to make sure the reasons for my questions were clear. So I thought I should start with some baseline facts that I hope we should be able to agree on. If not let me know where we disagree. First, I would hope we would both agree anyone with marketing ability can create a fancy website say you can make a fortune trading and have pictures of jets, pretty ladies and Lamborghini and this only proves they are great marketers and not profitable traders.

It is much easier to be a great marketer than it is to be a great trader. Second, I would think most people want to learn and buy trading education from someone that can actually trade profitably. Do we agree on these 5 points and please let me know where you disagree.

Now being you call people such as me that ask for some proof of profitable trading fucksters; here is my question:. It looks like a spreadsheet with words copied over from a probably losing statement which can then be adjusted any which way to show profitability. The spreadsheet lines are so obvious. And what does it prove about IP? Firstly, Rob. Position statements are HUGE..

Theres Ticket, symbol, volume, date, sold price, bought price, gross, commission, dividends, rollover, adjustment and about 10 other categories that would not fit in a screen shot. There are broker symbols and fine print and letterhead and foot notes, but not that will fit in what I showed you. By all means look up what a FXCM report looks like if you dont believe me. As for why nobody shows you proof, I can imagine it would be from a legal and liability stand point.

Trading is a highly discretionary way of working. For every position I take, someone else would have their own justification for doing the opposite. YES, infinite prosperity teaches a mechanical way of trading to begin with, but it only gets you so far.

There is so much more beyond the basic strategies they teach. Out of their 21 lessons, there are only 5 that teach strategies. The rest is mentality and the psychological side of it. IP method of teaching is to lay the foundations of trading and then allowing you to progress in your own way. If anyone thinks its a get rich quick scheme, its not at all.

And they are completely honest throughout the course about it. But I can see consistencies only in the past 4 months, and with persistence will be at a financially independent stage where I can quit the drag. But I found it more motivating than anything else. The only reason I came across IP was because of Amy buying her lambo which is explained in the lessons how she made a profit from her lambo , and I was curious how she did it.

Seemed too good to be true, never looked into it and left the site. The difference with my research was not to find how it was bullshit, but to find how it was true, and there are a lot of things out there that proves its not a scam and they demonstrate their abilities. Not to mention it could all be falsified. More so meaning to be cautious, not a sceptic. Do research with an open mind. Look at what they offer for what price, and what resources they provide.

And you know what, you can still lose all your money with IP. But if you do, its by no fault of IP. The same as any person getting into trading. What you put in, is what you get out. Infinite Prosperity is not a holy grail to trading. They provide you with the basis of FX trading. Some people succeed of the basis, some people use all the resources and fail.

You pay tens of thousands to undergo a course, they provide you with the knowledge and opportunities to further your education. Now if you complete material, are you guaranteed to pass? Are you guaranteed to become successful? Does the university get a bad review for it? Is it a scam? Take the plunge or not.

S to the guy that said Active Trader just reports the fundamentals from bloomberg and such — You clearly have never watched an episode of active trader. Tom and Paul the guys who run AT would be fuming at that. They actually refuse to use Bloomberg as it is manipulated by media. Not to mention for the first 3 seasons of AT, they dont even touch on fundamental analysis.

Its only the last two that they incorporate the economic fundamentals and global macros to it. It is too hard to post and read this little column reply, so I will try and keep my post relatively short. I guess we are right brain, left brain people because I do not follow your logic. First, I have several brokerage accounts and in every one of them I can show my trade history.

First it is not illegal for one to show their actual brokerage account. In fact if there was ever any regulation in this industry I am guessing they would force transparency just like mutual funds have posting requirements. But here is the right brain left brain thinking part. IP shows a jet style lifestyle based on trading they show no proof of.

To me that leads to false hopes, yet you say by showing their actual true brokerage statement that would lead to false hopes. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I must admit I do not get it. Maybe someone else can explain this type of logic to me in another way that I can understand. Everyone that has day traded knows about the mental aspects, and your results will be different and the other points you brought up. The issue here is that IP never shows any proof they can trade profitable or if that they have ever taken a trade in their life time.

And apparently that does not matter to you. As Emmett once said, I think that is a litmus test before you buy a trading course. You also keep saying promotional motherhood statement like IP lays the foundations of trading and etc.

But anyone can say those type of words. It is just good marketing to buy their product. But all that means nothing if they cannot even trade the method they sell profitable. I will not continue on in this little column format. I am sorry but the only thing I believe in are actual facts and proof not some promotional crap. I cannot stress this enough but anyone can create a site selling trading educational material and anyone can create a poster named Daniel saying how great the product is and how it turned around their trading.

What is hard is actually buy trading education from some that can actually trade profitably and I have yet to see any evidence of the latter. Either way, in no way does it make IP any less of a scam. Then I give up. They show their analysis, on each trade when they choose to share , it follows a pattern that coupled with a discretionary outlook you can duplicate results.

Because I trade similar to him, and I have my own results as evidence. Do the course yourself, and take a leaf out of your own book and have some evidence to back up what you say. It is the person selling the education course that needs to show evidence. So far the only thing I have seen is a spreadsheet looking post from you.

That is no evidence of anything. Show Emmett a live brokerage statement, Of course, that would not prove IP trades profitable, but it would at least give credibility to your post. What evidence!!!! They show no evidence what so ever of profitable trading. Is you saying it paid for your trip to Europe the evidence you speak of? It is the same as Amy saying she bought that Lamborghini on trading profits.

I talk to real traders that have taken education courses all the time and you just do not sound real to me. Especially when they show pictures of the jet style lifestyle. Wow it is now paranoia to ask for actual proof of profitable trading. Seriously do you read your own post.

The words you use are the kind of stuff all con artist say. Daniel can say whatever you want, but it does not change the basic fact. IP refuse to show any proof they can trade profitably. Nothing else means anything. That is the one thing that can shut me up and yet the one thing they never do. There is really no point in going back and forth. I keep saying IP needs to show real proof and you keep saying take my word on it.

Now here is my guess, no evidence on this one, IP is hurting due to this review and now making up fake posters saying how there trading method changed their live and how the trading profits are now paying for their Europe vacation. I have been investing and day trading a long time and this just sounds like a scam to me.

How hard would it be for someone from IP to actually show Emmett real concrete proof they have ever traded anything. Anyone can mark up and provide hindsight analysis on a chart. To me proof of profitable trading is a Litmus Test, everything else is just marketing crap. All I can say is the people have read our posts and they can decide. Initially I thought it was a bit scammy, but that was mostly because I had no idea what was possible.

We now have a huge community with many successful traders about 75 so far retired, and 3 within their first 8 months or so , so the idea of it being a scam just to fool me is all a bit elaborate and pointless. Amy made money on her Gallardo, and honestly if it takes watching a cute girl talk about her car to get a bunch of people off their asses and into a real future, then the marketing fluff has done its job.

Infinite Prosperity has now produced 75 traders that have retired? Why not , or 1,? That sounds even better. Why not 1 million, why not 7. Because trading is hard. Awaiting screen shots of your results. Most of what you wrote is just complete nonsense.

Hedge funds and Mutual funds results are all open to the public. When you are investing in a person that is suppose to teach you to trade, you better believe you better check to see if they can actually trade profitably. Do you honestly believe some con artist taking public available trading techniques packaging it and then making up some fantasy trading results is a legit business.

How big a fool can you be. This is how the Madoff investors were scammed. If you were going to hire a money manager would you just take their word on their amazing results without any proof. As far as your comment there are 75 retired traders in the community. From what I heard the reason there are 75 retirees is originally retired joined his program and after losing so much money had to go back to work.

The fact you even make such a claim shows you are either a shill or complete clueless. Why not just say after there are 75 people that bought a Lamborghini after becoming a member. There is one and only one thing that counts; Real Live Brokerage statement showing his trading results. And if he will not produce those then nothing else needs to be said. Wake up from fantasy land and join reality.

Rob B, They are neither a hedge fund nor a mutual fund. They are not managing my money. They openly admit that they do not have some mystical holy grail of trading, and that they are an education company. They also openly admit that their content is generally available for free in various places around the web. They put it all in one handy location for a pretty low cost, whilst giving people access to their communities, which are huge value.

Everything in your comments reeks of failure. I do not think you would know a successful investor if your life depended on it. As I have posted in the past I am a successful investor including day trading. The difference is I am not trying to swindle anyone out of their money by selling crap trading education.

I looked at IPs Youtube videos. I saw no live trading, just hindsight markup of a chart. Anyone can do that. It is meaningless. And it amazes how you shills just come on here again and again with the same statements. Trust me it is real. Believe me I would not lie. People are retiring off this system.

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Their strategy is simply take trades at support and resistance and thats it. Oh so you want to learn more? They have a platinum day trade course which is yet. Add Your Rating to the Largest Forex Review Database by Forex Peace Army? Join live discussion of on our forum. Here's a super short review of Infinite Prosperity. I signed up for their stuff a few years ago so I have a lot of experience with it.