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Dubai: When Bernd Skorupinski came to Dubai by way of Germany six years ago, he had no idea he would leave his job to become a fulltime trader. Foreign exchange currency trading, commonly referred to as forex, is a market where banks, businesses, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on rising or dropping currencies. But to Skorupinski, the appeal to trade came from not only investing in an open market that requires little to feed and leverage, but also investing in himself. According to Abu Hantash, forex trading is more popular in the UAE than ever before, citing the number viet jet ipo brokers that have sprang up.

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Forex wiki freddie

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The grid concept can be searched by Google. The strategy opening is that there are many dead forks in the two average lines, and the golden fork is long. Then, the grid is continuously distributed, and the profit stop can be set by yourself. There is no stop loss, and the grid space can be adjusted according to experience.

The autorobot mainly makes trends after filtering the shock range. For example, if the gold price fluctuates between and , the strategy will be short at and long at After a loss, the next order will be overweight until it makes a profit or trades back and forth for many times.

The classic grid strategy is the grid strategy. Its core is to sell high and buy low. The condition is to shake the market. The current price of a target is 10USD and the principal is Buy yuan for the first time, and buy yuan for every decline of 1 yuan, and sell yuan for every increase of 1 yuan. This is the classic grid trading. As long as the market does not fall below 0, it will make money.

HolyDollar opens its position in the trend, and then increases its position against the trend. The opening is jointly confirmed by the moving average and KD. After opening, it increases its position at a loss. In the case of multiple orders, the position is closed with micro profit. This strategy is a hanging order strategy, which is mainly used to shock the market, hold positions at the same time, and open multiple orders.

Under the shock market, the orders will stop the profit back and forth You can set parameters according to the size of the market. The trend King mainly makes a trend breakthrough market according to zigzag indicator. He hangs long at the top of the indicator and hangs short at the bottom of the indicator. He sets an initial stop loss in advance and trades with mobile stop loss after trading. Anti trading system. Anti trading system is a trend position adding strategy. When the line market of the day is upward, if the position is profitable after opening, the position will be added with profit until the profit amount exceeds the set amount, and all positions will be closed.

After opening, the stop loss position will be set for the first order. Million Dollar MT5. Millions of dollars break through a new high in the general trend market and go long. If you fail to go long, you will lose a certain number of points and then continue to go short. Both long and short will be held at the same time. In this way, you can make orders back and forth at both long and short prices simultaneously until you close your positions with profits.

The KeyPrice is to use the market to cross the whole digit to open the position. After opening the position, if multiple orders are callback to the next integer digit, the position will be closed and short. If it keeps rising until there is a callback, the next integer digit at the highest position will be backhanded and short, and so on.

The ATM belongs to Martin's strategy of adding positions While loading EA, it will open long and short directions and set profits respectively. If the direction is reversed, double the position. After the position is increased, set a profit stop for all orders in the same direction.

When the position is closed, then open the order in this direction. This strategy is mainly Martin's idea, using the moving average to confirm the direction The moving average opens long upward and short downward. After opening, the way of adding positions and yards is adopted, and the profit stop is set uniformly. Super Trader MT5. The core of the super trader is the Martin's strategy, which uses the moving average and KD to decide to open and close positions at the same time.

The K line is above the moving average and KD is at the relative bottom. On the contrary, open short positions. After opening positions, add positions at a loss. After adding positions, uniformly set the number of points on the cost to stop profits. When the market goes to a relatively extreme for example, when the market has risen for a long time , Because the market is a long short game, the probability of market reversal and U-turn down is very high.

This strategy will short at this time, which can often obtain a high winning rate and profit loss ratio. Ares uses CCI index deviation for trading. Deviation refers to the market's new low value. If the indicator's value is not new low, it is the bottom deviation at the bottom, or the market's value is new high. If the indicator's value is not new high, it is the top deviation at the top. This is the so-called deviation. The formation of deviation is when it is estimated that the market has reached an extreme situation and is about to go in the opposite direction, Long when the market deviates from the bottom and short when the market deviates from the top.

This strategy is mainly to make orders according to the boll line, short high and long low, then set the profit stop position, add positions at a loss, and return to this position after adding positions. Hunters mainly aim at the short jump market. When the market suddenly rises for a large moment on the way up, the strategy predicts that there will be a large market.

At this time, the strategy will go long and set a small profit stop and a large loss stop, so that the winning rate will be very high. Shocks Mor. ShocksMor is mainly aimed at the shock market of cross market. It is mainly to do cross market when the disk fluctuation is small in Asian time. During this period, the market fluctuation is generally small. In this case, it is easy to do shock market and have better harvest It mainly uses the double track indicator envelope, which is short on the upper track and long on the lower track.

Aegis MT5. Aegis is a shock strategy, which mainly uses two moving averages. When the distance is close, RSI is long at the bottom The two moving averages are close, indicating that they are in the range of shock At this time, RSI is at the bottom again, which can shock and do long. Athena is a kind of instrumental strategy, which is mainly designed for the big market like non-agricultural market. When the big market appears, it is either up or down.

At this time, each of the top and bottom hangs a order, with multiple orders on the top and short orders on the bottom. In this way, when the big market comes, there will always be orders in one direction, In this way, the transaction order can make money in this big market through the inertia of the market.

This tool is an indicator, which can effectively identify the position of the pressure line and support line of the market. Support line: when the market falls to a certain price, the Bulls think it is profitable and buy a large number of targets, so that the price will not fall or even rise.

The level at which prices fall is called the support line. The resistance line is also called the resistance line. When the price rises near a certain price, the share price will stop rising or even fall, which is caused by the short selling here. This tool will draw a shock range according to the market. We can guide us to do trading according to the shock range.

We can either break through the trend market break through the high and low points , or do the shock high throw low absorb market. This tool is a semi-automatic transaction. Users can realize semi-automatic position adding transactions according to this tool, or quickly open and close positions on the chart. The winners of hedging are crude oil hedging, which are instrumental strategies and need to modify parameters manually. The hedging strategy is mainly based on the correlation trend of symbol with strong correlation.

When their price difference deviates from a normal range, one is long and the other is short, and they can make money when the price callback. MT4 Local Follow System. The tracking system adopts MT4 terminal to follow others' orders with low delay. Please download WikiFX To view more. Download for complete information Free Check whenever you want. App Store Google Play Android. A English. TOU MON LEM 9. VAL 8. BH TOU 4. TOU 5. NUR 4. NUR UMB 7.

UMB 6. LEM 6. LEM 8. VEN 9. VEN TOU 9. UMB 8. UMB TOU 8. ZOL 6. ZOL VAL 7. VAL 9. HOC FC ZOL 8. BRH 7. BRH 3. BRH SNE 2. SPA 3. SPA 6. ROC 2. ROC 4. DON 6. SIL 8. ROC 1. THR 1. CRO 2. KNO 2. KNO 4. THR 2. ROC 7.

THR THR 5. CRO 8. SNE 6. OP KNO 9. SIL 5. JAR POR ALB BAR NAV NAV 8. JER 9. JER BRH 5. BRH 6. DON 4. KNO 3. CRO 3. CAS 4. MON 5. SIL 4. SNE 7. CAS 3.